PUK calls for ‘Yes’ vote in Kurdish independence referendum

(KurdPress) – PUK first deputy secretary General Kosrat Rasul Ali called on the people to go to ballot boxes and cast their votes, ANF reported.

Rasul Ali, first deputy secretary general of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), held a press conference at the PUK office in Kirkuk on the Southern Kurdistan Independence Referendum scheduled for tomorrow.

The press conference lasted as short as one minute, and Kosrat Rasul Ali said “The dignified people of Kurdistan, the resisting people of Kirkuk, our heroic Peshmergas and our people are being through a very challenging process. We call on our people to go to ballot boxes and cast their votes tomorrow. We invite all of you to vote ‘Yes’ for independent Kurdistan.

Image Source: Montecruz Foto, Flickr, Creative Commons

Stressing that the Kurdistan Region and its people have a historic opportunity before them, PUK first deputy secretary general added; “We must win this opportunity.”