Kurdistan needs you

(TFC) – The results of today’s referendum pave the way for two futures in the Middle East. The West can recognize the independence of the Kurdish people and begin the process of bringing peace to the region, or it can continue to engage in the same imperialist activities that have led to so much death and destruction there while triggering terrorism here.

The people of Kurdistan want a nation of their own. They are tired of being used as pawns in the US-led wars for domination in the Middle East. They will undoubtedly be a stabilizing factor in the Middle East. A homeland for the Kurdish people in Iraq would allow a safe place for Kurds in Turkey, Iran, and Syria to live. It may avoid more civil strife in those countries which will certainly bring US soldiers into the fray.

While the US has made its opposition to Kurdish independence very clear, it isn’t a US decision. It’s a Kurdish one. The US media played obedient lap dog and created false arguments against Kurdish independence. The government in Bagdad may claim it wishes to keep the territory of Iraq united, but the government in Bagdad is for all purposes a failed state. The Kurdish military forces are the only stabilizing force in the nation.

Image Source: jan Sefti, Flickr, Creative Commons

The Kurds protected American soldiers fighting in Iraq, they defeated ISIS, they stabilized Iraq. Are you going to let your politicians betray them again for the sake of Chevron’s bottom line? Remember, The Fifth Column presented the Case for an Independent Kurdistan in August of 2015. We predicted the events every step of the way. Failure to allow the peaceful establishment of Kurdistan will most likely trigger a regional war. A war that will inevitably put American soldiers on the front lines to protect the profits of oil companies.

It’s time to support the establishment of Kurdistan through peaceful means. If that fails, war is almost inevitable. Contact your Senator today by clicking here and demand they act to recognize Kurdistan as an independent nation.