Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad ahead of referendum

(KurdPress) – A delegation from the Kurdistan Region will visit Baghdad within the following two days to hold another discussion over pending disputes and the imminent independence referendum of the region, set for September 25.

According to a statement by Kurdistan Region Presidency, the decision was made after Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani and his Iraqi counterpart met in Sulaimani on Wednesday.

According to BasNews the two officials discussed the alternatives proposed by the international community to convince Erbil put off the vote.

The report added that the two officials also talked about another initiative put forward by Iraqi President Fuad Masum.

Image Source: Tom, Flickr, Creative Commons

In the meeting, Barzani reiterated that Erbil has tried every formula with Baghdad, from autonomy to federalism; but the central government of Iraq has failed to consider the Kurds as genius political partners.

He also pointed out that Erbil will continue dialogues with Baghdad before and after the referendum in hopes of paving the way for the sides to become “friendly neighbors” in the future as living together within on border did not work.