Illegal immigration to Mexico is not a felony

(TFC) – A frequent statement by those in favor of tough immigration laws in the United States is “we should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws!” This is said because they believe it’s a felony punishable by years or even a decade in prison. Well, that’s just not true, even though US politicians mistakenly claim it is. It hasn’t been true for years and the changes were unanimously supported by the country’s government.

This misconception about Mexico’s laws has been around for almost a decade. Here’s a clip of Mexico’s President trying to set the record straight on US news after the Washington Times ran an article saying it was a felony to illegally immigrate to Mexico. It was uploaded to YouTube in May of 2010.  “Immigration is not a crime in Mexico.”

Let’s take a look at what would happen if the US adopted Mexico’s immigration policy:

Illegal immigration would be completely decriminalized. The maximum penalty would be a fine equal to 100 days worth of minimum wage pay.

All people, regardless of status, have access to healthcare and education.


Illegal migrants would be given a chance to obtain work permits.

Local police would be barred from even questioning a person about their immigration status.

Some illegals might still be deported, but only after the same due process granted citizens.

The laws would prioritize aiding the vulnerable such as children, women, victims of crime, the elderly, and so on.

Illegal migrants the government did decide to deport would not be sent to jail, but instead would be taken to a facility where they would receive medical care, contact their families, and so on.


Adopting Mexico’s laws might just be a step in the right direction.