Turkey tie with Kurds is not realistic: experts

(KurdPress) – Turkey issue experts believe Turkey does not follow a realistic policy towards the Kurds in the region and Ankara’s relation towards the Kurds is a reactive policy.

Necat Ali Ozcan, a researcher at Economic Policy Studies Foundation believes Ankara does not follow a concrete policy towards Kurds. He told al-Monitor that the situation of the region stipulate Turkey to follow a coherent and realistic policy in the region.

He further added that Turkey’s restrictions do not let the state to follow a coherent policy and the troubles go back to Turkey’s failure to understand the realities in the region.

Ozturk Yilmaz, Turkey’s consul in Mosul, northern Iraq, when the Islamic State (IS) attacked the city says Turkey should prevent Kurdish wishes militarily but Kurdish empowerment shows that we do not have a coherent policy we even do not know whether Kurds’ independence in the north of Iraq is go or bad.

He added that Turkey has trouble understanding Kurdish realities and the realities in the Middle East.

Image Source: AteshCommons

Morad Oclik, former Turkish Ambassador to Baghdad from 2009 to 2011, believes Ankara even fails to follow a concrete policy towards the scheduled referendum of Kurdistan Region, set for September 25, adding that Kurds in Iraq are really puzzled as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not strictly against the independence of the region but harshly lashes out at the planned referendum and this situation shows that Ankara does is not following a concrete policy towards the issue.

He further warned that Kurds in Turkey would harshly react to any Erdogan’s sever opposition to the referendum in Kurdistan Region while Erdogan needs their vote for 2019 elections.