Lebanese Army Liberates Almost 20 Square Miles at Border With Syria From Daesh

(Sputnik) – The Lebanese army managed to establish control over a hill range on the mountainous Lebanese-Syrian border following the start of its operation against Daesh (banned in Russia), a spokesman of Lebanese army said Saturday.

On Saturday, the Lebanese army launched an operation to defeat Daesh terrorists on its side of the border with Syria. The terrorists reportedly seized 120 square kilometers (46 square miles) of Lebanon’s territory.

“Thirty square kilometers [18 miles] of mountainous regions have been liberated from Daesh,” the spokesman said at a press conference.

Image Source: Nicolas Raymond, Flickr, Creative Commons

He added that 20 Daesh militants had been killed, 10 Lebanese soldiers had been wounded and 11 command posts had been destroyed during the operation.Earlier in the day, the Hezbollah movement, which is carrying out an operation on Syrian side of the border, said that Daesh militants began to surrender to the group.