How To Identify Fascists And Their Ilk

(TFC) – The Fascists, Nazis, Klan, and other supremacist hate groups have gotten wise to the fact that they are not popular or well liked. It is common for them to flat out deny that they are Nazis, only because they were not a member of the German political party in the 1930s. They still read from the same playbook and use the same tactics as other fascists, so there are certain things that we can expect from them.

1. “Both sides are just as bad”. Geobbels who was in charge of Nazi Propaganda in Germany taught people to “Accuse the other of that which you are guilty”. Since it is too difficult to argue that they are not fascists, they will try to persuade you that anti-fascists are the same as fascists, or that they are ‘just as bad’. They make posts attacking ANTIFA while saying nothing about Nazis. They will try to convince you that that ANTIFA is your real enemy but will avoid discussion about actual literal Nazis and Fascists. The reason for this is simple. The Nazis, Klan, or Alt-Right are their friends.

2. Watch out for people who selectively advocate non-violence but advocate support for war, police brutality, who justify violence against minorities or the poor, and then at the last minute advocate pacifism towards white supremacy. Some pacifists believe in using force only for defense and to stop violence, other pacifists advocate unconditional non-violence and doing no harm. Nazis and other covert actors will vocally advocate non-violence and pacifism to their opposition, but their actions and other opinions will be inconsistent with this. They know that the left is easily divided over things like tactics, so they will attempt to provoke liberals into pushing out ANTIFA so that the left will be defenseless when they attack with violence.

3. They will most likely look very white. This should be obvious. There is a difference between the prejudice of a dominator culture against an oppressed group vs the prejudice of an oppressed group against a dominator culture. Any race or group can be the dominator culture at different times and places in human history. In the USA and in the west in general, the dominator and supremacist culture is white. They are afraid of losing this advantage because they fear that people will treat them the way they have treated others.

4. Sexism and chauvinism is rampant. The official position of the Alt-Right is that white women are the property of white men and their duty is to propagate the ‘white race’. They view women as being unfit to manage foreign policy. You will often see them talking down to women in general in online debates.

5. Over the top nationalism is common. They tend to be excessively proud of their own country, even when they attack the government for being too liberal.

6. They show up to the same protests and participate in the same discussions as us but sometimes their responses seem to be a little ‘off point’. This is not the strongest indicator. Everyone will have an off day or say something stupid in their lifetimes. Fascists will pretend to be one of us, and then they will try to recruit us. Fascists will latch onto almost any populist cause and then slowly turn it into a call for white supremacy, but not in public to the entire group, and not at first.

7. You might notice excessive attacks on other cultures that are veiled in PC arguments. For example, you will see a large number of posts attacking Muslims. They may wrap it up into arguments against religion in general with language that might appeal to the left, but you won’t see them going after Protestant Christians the same way. This is because their selective prejudice against Muslims is rooted in xenophobia and not any kind of progressive philosophy.

By Cogiati – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

8. They associate with people who are openly racist.

9. They associate with the right-wing, regardless of how conservative they actually are. Some will pose as Libertarians or Anarcho-Capitalists since they get more of a pass ‘because free speech’. Then they will turn around and support a Republican who is not even fiscally conservative but closer to being fascist. You find more racists who associate with the far right, even as they openly declare that ‘Nazis are Socialist’.

10. They vehemently oppose ANTIFA and refuse to openly condemn the alt-right. If you notice any of these 10 warning signs, take heed. They can be snakes in the grass and may not reveal themselves for what they really are.


Special to The Fifth Column by NICK DJINN KAPPOS