British Government Opposes Irish Border Checkpoints

(TFC) – The Brexit camp is forced to deal with the realities of their campaigning. The government’s most recent position paper opposes any form of physical infrastructure between Northern Ireland, which is currently under British rule, and the Republic of Ireland, an EU member.

The government’s tough talk on immigration requires border enforcement along the Irish partition, or the entire anti-immigration scheme fails and the government will surely lose support from voters. The reality of dividing Ireland with a Berlin or Trump style wall would likely spark war. The wounds of the British occupation are not healed in Ireland. A wall, or even tough border enforcement, will undoubtedly reignite the Irish resistance movements on both sides of the border.

From 2013.
Source: Secretive Ireland, Flickr, Creative Commons

The open border is a lynchpin of keeping Ireland at peace, however, it will be impossible to stop immigration to the UK from the EU without closing the border. The government briefly entertained customs checkpoints in the Irish Sea, but found they would be ineffective and unconstitutional. The EU and British governments are currently negotiating the border situation and have until March of 2019.

This is yet another example of politicians running on platforms that sound good to low-information voters, only to find they are impossible to implement. Given the choice of triggering the next wave of the Troubles and admitting their platform was unattainable, it’s impossible to tell what politicians disconnected from the people will do.