Kurdish referendum to divide Mideast

(KurdPress) – Representative of the Iraqi Turkmen Front in Turkey, Hicran Kazanci, has reiterated rejection of a planned referendum on the secession of Kurdistan region from Iraq.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency on Wednesday, Kazanci said all Turkmens are totally against the September 25 referendum, announced by the region.

“The referendum will divide the Middle East region,” he warned. “All ethnicities will have the same demand once Kurds establish a state.”

“We [Turkmens] take side with the unity and solidarity of Iraq,” he said, going on to call on Europe and the West to stand against the referendum.

it is worth mentioning that Turkish Foreign Ministry reiterated on Wednesday its opposition to the planned referendum in Kurdistan Region.


Kurdish-inhabited area – By Captain Blood, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

In a statement, ministry spokesman Huseyin Muftuoglu stressed Ankara’s “unambiguous views that preservation of Iraq’s territorial integrity and political unity is among the irrevocable principles of our foreign policy”.

“There is no change in our position, the government is against the KRG’s decision to conduct an independence referendum,” he said, calling the Kurdish media reports about the Turkish acceptance of the vote as “completely groundless and unfounded”.

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