Cycle of Insurgency: Why the CIA will win in Venezuela

(TFC) – The West is seeking to undermine the government of Venezuela. Attacks against the government are linked to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. The Central Intelligence Agency appears to be poised to trigger the downfall of yet another government south of the US, and it’s nobody’s fault but Maduro’s and those who turn a blind eye to the government’s actions. The CIA understands history. Apparently, Maduro and his supporters do not.

The Central Intelligence Agency is capable of ousting governments all over the world because it understands the Cycle of Insurgency. It knows how to find and fund leaders, it knows how to create triggering events, and it knows when to cut funding once the insurrection has succeeded in achieving the goal of the CIA. A recent report from Human Rights Watch detailed the government’s crackdown on the opposition. Socialists in the United States were furious. The Fifth Column ran the report and was flooded with hatemail, many claiming it was “fake news”. Human Rights Watch prepared a video compilation of abuses, which can be seen here. Audio is available of a conversation between “collectivos” and government officials coordinating an attack on the opposition. Venezuela’s own Attorney General has said at least 90 have been killed. Maduro himself is on video saying “what we couldn’t do with votes, we would do with arms.” Denying the government response is happening will end Maduro and install a US puppet.

One of The Fifth Column’s most widely read, republished, and cited series of articles is the “Cycle of Insurgency“. The most relevant portion of the series, as it pertains to Venezuela’s current situation, is the breakdown of the phases:

Prior to the digital age, pamphlets were the main method of spreading dissent around the world. The pamphlets examined and questioned the authority of the contemporary governments and control systems. In the modern world, pamphlets have been replaced by blogs, social media, and to a smaller degree, adversarial journalists.

Reactive Protests:
Once the seed of dissent is planted, people take to the streets to voice their opposition to the government. These protests occur after the control systems of the era attempt to defuse an offending incident.

Preemptive Rioting:
Preemptive rioting follows a period of reactive protests that go unanswered by the government. The people begin taking to the streets and destroying private and public property as soon as an offending incident takes place, rather than waiting and hoping for the government to police itself.

Military or Law Enforcement backlash and crackdowns:
These riots and small incidents of resistance trigger a government reaction. The control systems of the country tighten their grip on the people and further curtail civil liberties and infringe on people’s rights. The government crackdown fuels the resistance movement as more people tire of government intrusion.

Widespread rebellion and insurrection:
At some point during the crackdown, an incident occurs that tosses a match into the powder keg of dissent. At this point, open rebellion occurs.

Obviously, Venezuela is in the fourth phase. The evidence of the military backlash is everywhere. The brutal repression of the opposition will eventually provide them with the spark that will set the country ablaze and install a US-backed government. Insurgencies are never put down by force. In most cases, provoking a brutal response from the government is in the strategic outline of the opposition. It certainly is if the CIA is advising the strategy sessions.

Image Source: AK Rockefeller, Flickr, Creative Commons
CIA Shadow Wars

This is why the CIA and institutions friendly to it pushed the narrative that Assad was attacking his own people with chemical weapons. It was hoped that when the insurgency they grew in Syria failed, they could intervene and oust Assad directly. In Venezuela, there is no need to manufacture such a narrative because Maduro is providing all of the pretense they need for more sanctions and possibly military intervention on the grounds of restoring order to a failed state.

The entire might of the West was brought down on Venezuela. Maduro could have used this to unite his people behind him. He did not, he chose to ignore history, his supporters chose to ignore history. Instead of following the lead of Cuba, a nation that has endlessly been vilified by the West, had CIA operations plotted against it, and suffered far worse economic sanctions; he chose to follow the route of repression. The CIA will win in Venezuela, and it will be the fault of those who refused to condemn the government’s abuses. They are allowing the US-backed opposition the opportunity to create a “Boston Massacre” type event and rally the people to the side of insurgency. If you want to keep the US out of Venezuela, you must apply pressure on Maduro to cease the military backlash. If the military backlash continues, Maduro will be forced out of office.