Transgender activist’s calls for violence are shocking

Charles Rae reports on the dark sides of the liberal left. Raleigh, NC (TFC).

I’ve seen enough of the extreme and violent sides of trans and liberal activism which lingers on the internet to warrant alarm. As terrorism and rhetoric of violence becomes more of a focus here in the gun-saturated United States, there is a profound silence surrounding the abusive and dangerous language lingering on “leftist” social media platforms. As the mainstream transactivist movement makes massive gains in legislation and visibility, we need to look at how and why this rhetoric of violence is emerging.

For clarification, the “TERFs” these people want to kill are “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists”, or feminists who do not agree with transgender activism. The justification for these calls for violence against women is rooted in a reversal: because these women (pejoratively called TERFs) deny the transgender doctrine that males can become females they are said to be erasing tranwomen, and therefore committing or condoning violence against them. This is how transactivists come to the conclusion that so-called “TERFs” (more politely referred to as gender critical feminists) can be likened to Nazis, and therefore should be eradicated. Even skepticism of transgender ideology can lead to death threats, rape threats, social ostracism, and violence. You don’t believe me? Though here I’ve provided a handful of instances, don’t take my word for it: question transgender ideology yourself. See what happens.

When I finally decided I wanted to write about these startling, neo-nazi paralleled threats for violence and murder, what did I see that very same day but my friend Keely Emerine-Mix posting about a message she received. A message that would look all too familiar if you’ve delved as deep into this special brand of “activism” as much as we have. She was messaged by a random man online who asked her “Can you feel it? You and allllll your TERFy friends, all just dying,” and following up with, “the only good TERF is a dead TERF.”

These calls for death span from potential to actualized, as we’re seeing everything from threats to realized violence committed by men who identify as women. This year, a Radical Feminist organization called WoLF, Women’s Liberation Front, has had to vet every admittance and keep the location of the festival secret due to security threats. The organization’s leaders were made aware of a group of transactivists who were discussing infiltrating the annual festival due to its unwavering women-only admittance policy, meaning transwomen are not allowed to attend.

When I spoke to one of the founders of WoLF, Lierre Keith, author of The Vegetarian Myth and co-author of Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet, she told me,

This is what happens when women say no to men. Men react with aggrieved entitlement. They react with threats of violence and actual violence. If you had told me twenty years ago that one day feminists like me would have to be escorted into a building by a phalanx of armed men in order to give a public talk, I would not have believed you. But I and other feminists are now in this situation.”

Another instance online, much more graphic in nature, was a post by a man who identifies as a woman in a lesbian subreddit called r/LesbianActually. He told the group that he feels the community is hostile towards him because he has a penis, and he goes on to threaten to cut his own penis off with a kitchen knife because lesbians will not accept him as a lesbian. This might seem like a fringe mental health issue gone terribly wrong, but this line of thinking is supported by the transgender theory of “the cotton ceiling,” referring to lesbian’s cotton panties in which transwomen are not being allowed. The threats are justified using transgender theory, and range from bullying, to manipulative, to terroristic.

A transgender activist who calls himself Lucy Smith was videotaped screaming at and initiating a fight with a black man at an Antifa protest in Portland. It turns out, this man has been arrested 4 times this year. Worse still, just last week a man locked his coworkers into a local grocery store in Pennsylvania and opened fire. In his last journal entry which he posted online he points to the fact that he thought he was a girl trapped in a man’s body, and in a video he made he referred to all of his musings as a “femme doomsday machine,” –the word femme here coming from Queer politics, another politic of the left.

Men who identify as women and their political allies are not abusing trangender ideology–they are using it correctly. This all fits within the framework of their ideology, where calls for violence against “cis” oppressors is justified by their claimed status of oppression under women.

So what do transactivists consider hate speech? For starters, they consider talking about the female body to be “transphobic,” or bigoted towards transwomen. Transactivists have also pushed and passed gender identity laws. The worst of which seem to be in Canada, where misgendering someone called ‘zir’ can get you fined, and families denying transgender identity in children can be considered abusive. But when it comes to the violent abuses, threats, and harassment committed by men who identify as women they are silent. Transactivists often repeat the mantra that no transwoman has ever attacked a woman in a bathroom. Not only is that not true, it’s a dangerous lie.

We are told under harassment and threats of violence to accept the fiction that men pose no threat to females the moment they decide they feel like they want to be one. This is while statistics show us that men who identify as women have the same rates of violence as the larger population of males in general. This is also in spite of the fact that gender identity laws would provide the perfect cover for dangerous non-dysphoric men access to females. What better way to create complicit victims than calling them bigots or then threatening violence if women do not co-operate? This type of activism sets the stage for registered sex offenders like Chad Sevearance to campaign for bathroom ordinances which allow men unfettered access into women-only spaces, which is what happened in my state of North Carolina. This is the activism which parades itself as self-righteous, intersectional, and for the marginalized….but to me, it just looks like the “alt-right.”

There are many forms and manifestations of male violence, this is yet another, and it’s dressed like a woman.

Charles Rae writes for The Fem Column. Follow for more women-centered news.