Saudi Airstrikes Hit Gas Station, School, Water Project, And Farms In Yemen

Yemen (GPA) – Saudi Arabia is currently waging a relentless air campaign all over Yemen; attacking several Yemeni provinces and civilian infrastructure today.

According to Yemen’s military media, Saudi Arabia is currently pounding most of Yemen’s resistance held provinces with airstrikes this weekend. And in what should come as a shock to no one, the airstrikes are targeting crucial infrastructure and other civilian areas.

In the northern governorate of Sa’ada near the Saudi border, 5 airstrikes targeted an agricultural nursery. Another airstrike in Sa’ada today targeted a water project.

Farther south in Taiz, 6 airstrikes targeted a school. One airstrike targeted a gas station. Other areas of Taiz were also hit with more strikes.

By VOA, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Saudi airstrikes are currently targeting other civilian areas as well including Marib, Hodeidah, and the capital city of Sana’a. Since it’s an important port city, targeting Hodeidah puts millions of Yemenis at risk for famine. Nearly 80% of Yemen’s food is imported.

Despite the airstrikes, Yemen’s Popular Forces were able to liberate key areas in Taiz near the Republican Palace. Yemeni forces also shot down another Saudi reconnaissance drone in Taiz. 2 similar drones were shot down in Midi.

The current Saudi air campaign is ongoing as this is written and civilian casualty numbers from the dozens of strikes have not yet been released. Geopolitics Alert will keep you posted as numbers come in.

This report prepared by Randi Nord for Geopolitics Alert