Russia’s Internet Censor Asked for a PornHub Premium Subscription. PornHub Gave It 10

Russia (GV) – Shortly after Roskomnadzor, Russia’s Internet censor, added PornHub to its registry of blocked websites in September of 2016 (in the name of preventing minors from being able to access pornography), the online porn website made Roskomnadzor an offer: unblock PornHub in Russia and it would receive a free premium account.

At the time, Roskomnadzor rejected the proposal, suggesting that watching online porn might hurt Russian demographic growth.

But yesterday, little more than a month after Roskomnadzor unblocked PornHub in Russia (users must now enter their date of birth before being given access to the website), Vadim Ampelonsky, a Roskomnadzor representative, said his agency is ready to cash in on PornHub’s offer.

Speaking on a panel at the SPIK 2017 Internet Conference in St. Petersburg with Dmitry Kolodin, a digital specialist at PornHub, Ampelonsky said he had yet to receive his free premium account. Kolodin responded that he would receive a subscription as soon as PornHub’s headquarters in Montreal opened on Tuesday.

Anti-Porn Sign – By Piast – Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

According to Felix Zinatullin, a marketing executive who attended SPIK and called attention to the exchange on VKontakte, Ampeonsky said he would make sure that all Russian Internet providers had granted users access to Pornhub in return for the premium subscription.

Today, the website TJournal reported that PornHub has given Ampelonsky 10 free premium subscriptions, five of which he offered to TJournal employees “for charitable purposes.”

This report prepared by RuNet Echo for Global Voices