Pro-gun or Not, It’s time to stop supporting the NRA

(TFC) – The National Rifle Association is missing the target. The organization has two goals: to defend the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and to promote firearm safety. That’s it. That’s it’s entire purpose for being.

Firearms safety is pretty simple. The organization is supposed to foster care when dealing with firearms. This could be summed up as: “make sure you’re shooting the right thing.” The Second Amendment is a little bit trickier. It’s not really complex, it’s just controversial. It certainly isn’t politically correct to say it, but the Second Amendment is intended to protect the people from government tyranny. It’s not about hunting or skeet shooting.

The National Rifle Association released a video that flies in the face of everything the organization is supposed to stand for. While openly attacking certain segments of the population, it also says that actions of police will be used “as an excuse for their outrage”. Nevermind that law enforcement’s failure to properly exercise firearm safety is the reason for many of the protests and actions cited in the video. The unjustified killings of the unarmed sound a lot like tyranny to me. Here’s the video:

The National Rifle Association is condoning innocent people being shot because officers don’t engage in basic firearm safety procedures and is simultaneously attempting to recruit armed Americans to act as a goon squad on behalf of the government.

The NRA’s silence in the wake of the Philando Castile shooting was deafening. The NRA’s silence in the death of Armando Garcia-Muro, a teenage boy who was killed when officers opened fire on a dog, was sickening. This display of pro-authoritarian rhetoric from an organization supposedly dedicated to the preservation of liberty is absurd. I thought I was watching a Saturday Night Live clip.

Image Source: tengrrl, Flickr, Creative Commons

Cops kill an unarmed person 10% of the time. That’s all the justification for outrage people need. If only there was an organization dedicated to teaching people about firearms safety. It exists, but they’re too busy engaging in lobbying efforts on behalf of those killing the unarmed. Stop making propaganda films in support of government violence and get back to what you’re supposed to be doing. Remember when Wayne LaPierre referred to “jack-booted government thugs” in a fundraising letter? That was an NRA in touch with its purpose. It’s degraded into another political lobbying machine out to support nothing but itself.

Before the question is asked: I’m a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment and now a former-NRA contributor. They will never get another dime from me.