Kurdistan Region referendum is binding and will redraw Iraqi borders: Masrour Barzani

(KurdPress) – The chief of Kurdistan Region’s Intelligence and Security Organization, Masrour Barzani, has stated that the planned referendum of the region to quit Iraq is binding and it will redraw Iraqi internal borders.

Asking regional countries not to worry about the referendum, Barzani stated, adding that Iraqi Kurds are not seeking to change the borders of the regional states.

Barzani told the Observer that the referendum of the region is to shape ties between the region and the central government in Baghdad and we are not planning to change the borders of the neighboring states as the planned referendum is to make the fragile borders between Iraq and the region official.

He added that now it is time to accept that the current tie between the region and the Iraqi central government is not practical. Iraq has been already divided and the referendum will show what has happened.

The official reiterated that the referendum is binding and it will allow us to negotiate with Baghdad over our peoples’ rightful demands.

Manifestación kurda en Berlin.
Image Source: Montecruz Foto, Flickr, Creative Commons

The political parties of the region, not included Movement for Change and the Islamic Community, decided on June 7 to hold a referendum on September 25 and ask the people in the region and the disputed regions that they want to have an independent state or remain in Iraq.

This report prepared by KurdPress