BREAKING: Mass Arrest of Libertarian Party Activists in Cuba

(TFC) – According to reports from inside Cuba, state security raided the headquarters of Partido Libertario Cubano and arrested everyone in the building. Those aware of the activity are requesting people contact Amnesty International and ask they come to the aid of the detained activists.

According to reports, Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand, Heriberto Pons Ruis, Caridad Ramirez Utria, Miguelito Cartelito, and all other people present were arrested. The Fifth Column is attempting to obtain a complete listing of those arrested as well as further details. Reports indicate the activists were expressing solidarity with a hunger strike while at the Benjamin Franklin Libertarian Library in Havana.

They are also asking people Tweet to @CubaMINREX to express their disapproval to the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

These are initial reports. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Balint Földesi, Flickr, Creative Commons
Camagüey, Cuba