Anti-racists plant informants inside Alt-right and White Supremacist Groups

(TFC) – Over a year ago, a small group of activists growing concerned with the rising tide of hatred in the country hatched a plan that can only be described as diabolical. The connections between white supremacists and law enforcement are well documented. The police weren’t going to help. There had to be a way to stay informed as to which groups were threats, which groups talked a lot and drank by bonfires, and which groups were really nothing more internet chat rooms. They set out to do something new. They were going to infiltrate them.

The group obtained advice from a team of former intelligence officers, military contractors, cops, and former white supremacists. Acting on that advice, they recruited unknown white activists in areas of concern and facilitated their entrance into various hate groups. In some instances obtaining membership was as simple as using racial slurs and joining a Facebook group. In others, it took reading and learning about the rise of the Nazi party. In at least one instance, a known anti-racist in the area volunteered to be assaulted by the soon-to-be member to help him establish his credibility.

For the last year, these informants attended rallies and meetings while gaining the trust of the groups they joined. Some have even moved into trusted positions of authority within the groups. An anti-racist is the treasurer of one organization, another is in charge of vetting new recruits. The entire time, the informants have been feeding information to other activists so opposition can be mounted to their plans. A less obvious activity has been gathering unique information.

The information relates to the personal lives of the real members of the groups. Unsurprisingly, those involved in these organizations don’t have the best backgrounds or living habits. The informants have identified several known white supremacists who received 5K1 or Rule 35 sentence reductions during federal cases. Those were earmarked to be watched. When they are arrested for meth, domestic violence, or whatever, law enforcement can be informed of their willingness to cut a deal to save their own skin. They have identified members whose behavior is completely acceptable in normal society but would have drastic effects within their social circles. Having black grandparents, engaging in homosexual behavior when younger, frequently dating outside of their race, and once belonging to hip-hop group are all widely accepted, but not in these communities. This information would be embarrassing if leaked at the proper time. The informants have documented the many affairs of the girlfriend of a high-ranking member of one organization. While it would be perhaps more humorous if they were with black men, they were in fact with members of his own organization. Almost as funny, is that he routinely calls people “cuck” (If you don’t know what it is, Google it. Better yet, don’t.). They also documented proof of members stealing from each other and so on. They have played up rivalries between the groups. Physical altercations between members have occured, creating what is termed in the intelligence world as “red on red fire”.

The activists are using this information to slowly destabilize the organizations from within. It’s an operation even the most seasoned CIA case officer would be proud of. The informants use embarrassing information to drive the smartest and most charismatic figures from the organization, leaving the bumbling idiots in charge. Meanwhile, they are identifying those who will be quick to rat out their friends in the event of arrest and making sure those individuals know the illegal activities of everyone in the organization. When these individuals are arrested, they inform on the activities of all the other group members. When members of these organizations attempt to blend with normal society to obtain employment or college admission, the affiliation with a white supremacist group becomes known to prospective employers.

In the short term, the activists, their support staff, and handlers are feeding information about planned operations to anti-racist groups as well as the media. The Fifth Column recently received a detailed list of supporters of one group that includes their roles and positions as well as most of their places of employment and links to their social media profiles.

We asked our point of contact how long these activists were prepared to stay in their current roles. She said, “Until the groups are no longer a threat. If a group stops being violent or stops preaching violence, we’re done. It helps our [informants] move on to the next group. They just act like they aren’t willing to be peaceful and another group that likes violent rhetoric comes along and asks them to join.”

We questioned whether or not these activists would ever provide law enforcement with information. “Only if they were preparing to commit an act of violence, but all of the information each person collects is duplicated and will be delivered to law enforcement if something happens to them. There’s enough about each group that if they hurt one of our people, the cops will be able to leverage the evidence to get somebody to talk.”


They seemed to have thought of it all. I asked what happens if a legitimate accident or natural death was to happen. Her reply: “Those [expletive deleted] better hope that doesn’t happen. It’s automatic.”

There’s your inside look into one of the most fascinating operations currently underway. The Fifth Column will be interviewing every informant when they exit the operation. When we can, we will be providing our readers with updates.

Editor’s note: Readers should note this article contains very little independently verifiable information. We constantly caution our readers about articles that lack verifiable information. While we have established a reputation for being able to break a large story before the major outlets and later have it confirmed by their sources, we don’t anticipate major outlets gaining access to these sources anytime soon. Until the informants withdraw from their operation, they do not plan to speak with the press again. An abundance of caution was necessary to protect those involved. However, if this article was on any other outlet, we would advise our readers to treat it more as a thought exercise of what might be happening rather than a hard news piece. To remain consistent, we must do the same here, regardless of any security concerns.