U.S. troops in danger of Turkish airstrikes on YPG

Syria (KurdPress) – A senior Turkish Presidential aide warned that U.S. troops alongside their Kurdish allies could become the target of Turkish airstrikes as part of the country’s efforts against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Washington Times reported.

“Our forces would not care if American armor is there [teamed with Syrian Kurdish forces] … All of a sudden, by accident, a few rockets can hit them [American troops],” Ilnur Cevik said in an interview on the Turkish radio station CRI Turk.

U.S. troops were seen travelling in a convoy with vehicles from the People’s Protection Units (YPG) through Kurdish-controlled parts of Syria on April 29, days after Turkish airstrikes in the region killed 20 YPG members.

Cevik said U.S. troops patrolling alongside the YPG were in danger of being hit by the Turkish military.

By U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Christopher G. Graham –
Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

According to the report he added U.S. artillery positions and advisors would risk being hit by Turkish aerial bombardment if they continue to support YPG operations in northern Syria.

U.S. military officials arrived at the headquarters of the YPG on April 25 after the group had been hit at 2 a.m. the same day by Turkish airstrikes in the Mount Karachokh area near al-Malikiyah (Derik).

As a result of Turkish strikes, 20 members of the Kurdish YPG were killed and another 18 wounded, a spokesman for the YPG said.

This report prepared by KurdPress International News Agency.