Trump Appoints Pesticide Industry Lobbyist To EPA, Agency Further Gutted

Washington DC, (TFC)— Since taking office, Trump’s Administration has quietly gutted and restructured the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Most recently, a former pesticide lobbyist was appointed to a high position in the EPA’s regulatory wing of that industry.

According to EcoWatch, Nancy Beck has long served the lobbying interests of the American Chemical Council (ACC). ACC is actually an umbrella group operating on the behalf of Dow Chemical, Monsanto, ExxonMobil Chemical, and other poison profiteers. The group has steadily been referenced more in independent media for pushing against damning studies linking their products to cancer and birth deformities.

Instead of “draining the swamp”, Trump’s administration appointed Beck to EPA deputy assistant. Similar to other recent White House EPA changes, this was achieved with minimal media or public notice. Specifically, the pesticide lobbyist was situated in the agency’s department which regulates her industry.

Beck and company have long shaped poison politics while occupying Washington’s background. As a lobbyist, she helped draft the industry’s positions and needs before being presented to congress. According to EcoWatch, Beck advocated for ACC’s “approach” to science when evaluating chemical safety. Now, Trump’s government has given her leeway to manipulate policies which ultimately affect your health. For Americans, this equates to insecurity in food, water, and even air quality.

Nancy Beck’s questionable history dates back to the Bush-era, even before joining ACC. In 2002, she specifically was blasted for, EcoWatch reports, severely undermining EPA’s scientific assessments of chemicals. This was only one part of a larger drama involving Beck, her colleagues, and efforts to stall and distort congressional chemical regulation debates.

Simultaneously, Beck regularly attacked EPA’s chemical toxicity research programs. Findings from EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), in fact, nourished bills and legislative considerations made in government. If IRIS found a chemical too toxic or recommended hefty regulations, Beck was there to resist. If successful, her efforts would have completely terraformed the way EPA evaluates chemical toxicity.

That’s when she was an outside opponent of the Environmental Protection Agency. Now, under Trump’s Administration, Nancy Beck is a Trojan horse waiting to deconstruct the EPA as we know it. Instead of pushing externally to influence chemical regulatory policy, she has the powers of an ultimate insider. If Beck’s oversight see’s the EPA begin ignoring chemical studies, or other bonuses for the poison lobby, then don’t be surprised.

Her appointment also comes on the heels of numerous changes in EPA funding and purpose. According to a leaked March 2017 White House memo, programs such as “integrated environmental strategies”, “environmental education”, “regional science and technology”, “small minority business assistance”, “radiation protection, and the “climate protection program” have been completely eliminated. Others, including those involving clean air, and aids to children or“other sensitive populations” are significantly reduced.

Additionally, the leaked memo details EPA’s plans to move away from international, and state level commitments. These initiatives have significantly impacted programs which aid in Native American land protections, and representation. “The agency will continue to seek opportunities to reduce further our facility footprint”, the memo reads. Notably, its authors urged against “the untimely release of information”, as “not productive and creates unintended consequences. Please share the materials only with those individuals who need to have access.”

This document was produced less than a month after Nancy Beck’s EPA appointment was first reported. Although a threat due to her new position, she’s not the only exploiting Washington’s revolving doors. Numerous politicians, including senators, have openly cashed in on poison industry interests. The American Chemical Council has acted as a funding ocean for these candidates who ultimately end up working for the industry. Thus is the monstrous cycle Trump’s government is now spinning with dangerous abandon.