Threat of Daesh Chemical Attack on Mosul ‘Most Likely Bluff’

(Sputnik) – Commenting on recent reports in the US media that the Islamic State (Daesh) is bringing together all of its experts on chemical weapons from Iraq and Syria to “boost its ability to defend its remaining strongholds,” Karim Nuri, one of the leaders the Badr Organization explained to Sputnik why a Daesh chemical attack is highly unlikely.

According to the recent report of CNN, US intelligence has informed that the Islamic State is bringing together all of its experts on chemical weapons from Iraq and Syria into a new “chemical weapons cell.”The new unit is being set up in the Daesh-controlled area in Syria within the Euphrates River Valley, between Mayadin, Syria and the town of al Qaim, just across the Iraqi border.

The aim is to consolidate its chemical weapons capabilities in order to boost its ability to defend its remaining strongholds.

Sputnik Arabic talked to Karim Nuri, one of the leaders the Badr Organization, which is part of the Iraqi-sponsored People’s Mobilization Forces (PMF), also known as the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), who explained why such an attack is highly unlikely and looks like more of a bluff.

It is not because the militants won’t simply use their chemical weapons, Nuri explained, they have “never been shy using prohibited arms.”

“If the militants really possessed these weapons, they would have used them long ago during the chain of their defeats and retreats,” he told Sputnik.

Peshmerga soldiers watch as a British instructor demonstrates how to decontaminate their gas mask during a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense class near Erbil, Iraq – By Spc. Jessica Hurst – Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

However, he added, the government and coalition forces should still be cautious as the militants are on their final day in Mosul before the full liberation of the city.”After the liberation of Mosul, we are ready to chase Daesh whenever the terrorist decide to flee. Even if they head towards the Iraqi-Syrian border and even if they cross it, we will continue our fight. Of course, only upon agreement with the Syrian leadership,” Nuri told Sputnik.

Iraqi security expert Fadil Abu Ragif told Sputnik that Daesh has a so-called “development and improvement” group, which has recruited experts from Africa and Europe. However the Iraqi security forces have already detained these people.

Even if they possessed such weapons, he said, they couldn’t easily have used them in Mosul due to the geographic peculiarities of the areas which are under their control.

“If they use chemical weapons, they will be the first victims of their own attack,” he told Sputnik.

This report prepared by Sputnik.