Birth of a Radical Feminist

(TFC) – I reached my peak-trans moment at the same time I was done being a Liberal. It occurred several days after I marched in the Woman’s March January 21, 2017, shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Being a dedicated Democratic Liberal, I wanted to bask in the glow of being inclusive to everyone’s issue and to object Donald J. Trump being president. Women wore pink pussy hats and vagina costumes, I thought it was clever and expressive. I was participating in the march because I was just damn pissed that we elected a wanna be dictator and wanted to physically be in front of the White House to express displeasure.
The march was peaceful and well attended by all people representing all different issues. I no longer saw it as just a women’s march but a solidarity of citizens disturbed about what is to come. Days after the march, social media was flooded with trans activists complaining that they were violently excluded. Huh? They said that by women wearing pussy hats and wearing vagina costumes they were excluded because not all women have vaginas and by that exclusion those women were committing violence against them. WTF? What the hell does that even mean? From what I saw of the march, no one was excluded because everyone was pissed. I discovered that women describing their own existence is offensive to MTT’s and their activists. In making the very statement of “Trans women aren’t women, Trans men aren’t men”, women were slammed and labeled a “T.E.R.F” in comment sections of social media articles regarding trans issues. A “T.E.R.F” is an acronym that stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist”.
I firmly believed that left-wing politics did not deny science. I only subscribed to casual feminism at best, I didn’t even know what a Radical Feminist was until I was called that name. That by describing basic concepts as: Male is Male and Female is Female. The definition of WOMAN is an ADULT HUMAN FEMALE and a MAN is an ADULT HUMAN MALE. I have been labeled a bigot just making that statement. Then it hit me how much it bothered me to be called a bigot and in that instant I didn’t give a care in the world. Who cares? I can be called any and every name in the book but I will not deny reality for the likes of anyone. That was the moment when I realized that I that my political ideology as a liberal was dead.
Males trying to transition to female or females trying to transition to males are not a race or cultural group. They are a small number of men or women who for a range of reasons, usually some kind of mental illness or sexual fetish, who wish to be of the opposite biological sex. The delusion of “being in the wrong body” is a symptom of underlying and untreated mental illness. My former views on transgender ideology were basic, I figured that people who wanted to be of the opposite sex would want to take on the issues of their desired sex. That has not been the case. I have seen enough on social media to see a pattern of behavior in large number of those who identify as male transitioning to female. What I have seen involves threats of violence if you don’t subscribe to their way of thinking that biological males can be made female or biological females can be made male. I have witnessed liberal feminists immediately shutting down any immoderate opinions. As soon as someone makes a slightly critical comment or question, they are called a TERF, bigot, told to fuck off, die, be raped, and then immediately blocked, inhibiting any conversation at all. Another dismissive tactic is to minimize the issue as “just toilets”, particularly with the disingenuous refrain “let them pee”. This ignores that the push to substitute sex with gender identity affects everything from changing rooms, to women’s sports, midwifery, lesbian spaces, media reporting on male violence, parenting practices, government policy, reporting, data collection, and women’s rights to protest.

Image Source: vindpuss, Flickr, Creative Commons

Trans women seem very detached from the true reality of women’s lives, which is shocking in the sense they want to be female so bad. A lot of trans women seem to have an obsession with being “validated” by getting catcalled on the street by other men (even if they themselves aren’t sexually attracted to other men) or being called derogatory terms associated with women. If trans rights were about being treated equally, I would reconsider showing my support, but these days trans rights is simply about women pretending trans women and women are the same. In the past few years trans women have campaigned to close women’s domestic violence shelters for not accepting them, for trans girls to be able to harass girls in their own changing rooms, to allow trans women with male anatomies to go into women’s changing rooms and make us uncomfortable, to co-opt every single women’s cause for their own. Trans women are attempting to steal women’s identities and be “better women than women” and then tell us that we’re bigots for saying ENOUGH. This is no different from a white “trans racial” person who believes they are black telling black people who are born black to stop talking about their experiences because it’s racist. That is exactly the same thing. Trans women seek to move women out-of-the-way, to dilute what it means to be a woman; they are the Neo-wave misogyny.

Trans people make up an incredibly minute percentage of the population, so why must women erase their identities to satisfy trans women. Why can’t trans women claim their own identity instead of appropriating the issues of women? Stop trying to erase the female experience. There is no way to change BIOLOGICAL sex, GENDER is a societal construct that assigns characteristics and behavior in response to BIOLOGICAL sex. Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) is real and it involves sterilization and mutilation. For males, the full reassignment is a horror story of a wound that constantly needs tending for the rest of their lives. Many men who have gone through this are now feeling devastated but many are also in denial which is why they are so angry.
Sorry the truth hurts and life ain’t fair. I do actually feel for some of these men and women but at the end of the day gender is not biological sex. They feel they were “born” the wrong gender when in fact our society has such rigid performance roles for males and females (gender = the performance of sex roles) that they will go to extreme lengths to become what they believe is the opposite gender. What they don’t realize is that these gender roles are not real they are social constructs and you can change your gender any time you like without mutilating yourself. It will not make you biologically the opposite sex however. No one perfectly performs masculinity or femininity. People who feel that they cannot act/dress the way they want to because of their sex are not shrugging off the standard gender roles – they are buying into it. They are accepting the argument that a man cannot be feminine. So they change their bodies in some cases in order to ‘be women’ and therefore be allowed to be feminine. In other cases, they do not change their bodies but demand to be called women, deny their male biology, etc. In both situations the person has changed their identity or body in order to conform to the expectation that women are feminine and men are masculine. Becoming ‘a woman’ in order to be feminine in a socially acceptable way is doing nothing to challenge gender stereotypes for males or females. It is literally buying into them. Shrugging off the standard gender roles would be to say, I am a man. I am male. I will dress feminine, so suck it up and vice-versa.
There’s my armchair analysis of what I’ve observed in these men and women.