Look at Trump’s tax returns here

(TFC) – Tuesday night Rachel Maddow aired President Trump’s 2005 federal income tax forms. Trump has refused to disclose his taxes since becoming a candidate for President of the United States.

The tax forms were sent to a former New York Times reporter, David Cay Johnston. Who also wrote a book on Mr. Trump and covered the Internal Revenue Service for years. He said he had received the forms “over the transom” and did not know who sent them.

Trump’s departure from tradition of presidential contestants by refusing to make his tax returns public made it a central issue during the campaign. While initially promising to release his returns, he backpedaled and said he would wait for an Internal Revenue Service audit was completed. Trump’s lawyers released a letter saying his personal tax returns had been “under continuous investigation” by the I.R.S since 2002.

The I.R.S has not confirmed that Mr. Trump’s taxes are, in fact. under audit.

So, in light of the now released 2005 documents, The Fifth Column is extending a challenge to readers to review and investigate these documents themselves.



By providing these documents to the public, the citizens can now determine the value by reading them and researching them. Our readership is uniquely qualified and can offer new and alternate insight into Mr. Trump and his business interests.



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Take a look at the returns here.