Baltimore gun task force cops indicted, department tries to show why they are needed and is trolled

(TFC) – The Baltimore Police Department is still reeling from seven officers being indicted on federal charges. In hopes of proving they are still looking out for the best interest of their citizens, who were abused by those officers, the department posted a photo of an antique firearm that was confiscated from a suspect. The internet responded as it should. It trolled the department mercilessly.

The department posted photo of the weapon with this message:

Eastern District

Officers arrest man with a loaded handgun during traffic stop

On March 1, 2017, officers from the Eastern District Operations Unit pulled over a car in the 700 block of N. Rose Street. During the traffic stop, officers recovered a loaded handgun and drugs from inside the vehicle.

36-year old [Suspect’s name removed because we can’t trust Baltimore PD to even get that correct] was arrested at the scene. He was transported to the Central Booking and Intake Facility. Gladden is a repeat offender and is prohibited from possessing a firearm.


Image Source: Constabulary of the Township of Baltimore via Wyatt Earp (BPD)

“I was under the impression that John Wilkes Booth was no longer alive.” – MV

Loaded with what? I’m more curious as to how he stole this gun from the Smithsonian. Somebody call the Smithsonian and let them know Baltimore PD found their missing artifact.” – ED

“They found it after he got pulled over for having a tail light out on his horse and carriage.” -ZW

“Pop Quiz: What was invented first, Duct Tape or this gun?” -CA

“I shot the sheriff, but since I only had one bullet, I did not shoot the deputy. Lol” -RA

“If it pleases the Peasants, brave Constables wish to inform us they have apprehended a young rapscallion armed with a pepperbox whilst operating his horseless carriage.” – JS

“Where’s the spring that pops this out of your sleeve when you get caught cheating playing cards on a river boat” -KS

“good to see we prevented another tragic stage coach robbery” -RJ

“This is the first gun you have access to in Grand Theft Auto: Gettysburg.” -SH

Please keep in mind that many of those recently indicted for being thugs in uniform were part of one of the department’s gun task forces. Even though the task force may be short-handed at the moment, we think the citizens can sleep soundly, as long as they don’t challenge anyone to a duel.

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