At Least 35 Detained During Paris Protests after Police Shot Dead Chinese Man

France (Tasnim) – At least 35 arrests took place in the French capital during protests in Paris caused by a recent killing of a Chinese man by French police officers, according to reports on Tuesday.

On Sunday, a 57-year-old man of Chinese origin was killed in a standoff with French police. Chinese media claimed citing the victim’s relatives that the officers broke into the individual’s house without warnings and opened fire, while the man was able to injure one policeman with scissors.

The police officers reportedly came to the place of the incident after a row between the victim and his neighbor about noise.

Image Source – Pixabay

The murder caused a rally of about 150 people in front of a police office on Monday that had resulted in detentions after the event turned violent and three servicemen were injured, Sputnik reported.

Police authorities expressed readiness to hold talks with representatives of the Asian community to discuss the police actions on Sunday.

The rally was not the first one against the brutality of French police. Since February, a wave of protests occurred across the European country after the man, named only by his first name, Theo, was beaten up by policemen after a routine check triggered an altercation.

The victim was hospitalized and underwent a surgery. Reports of the incident sparked off two weeks of unrest in Paris that led to arrests of more than 240 people.

This report prepared by Tasnim News Agency