Trump reneges on 30 day ISIS plan promise

(TFC) – During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump made defeating ISIS a centerpiece of his foreign policy. Trump has long assured us that he has a very real — and very good — plan to defeat the Islamic State, but always said he couldn’t share the details of it. In fact, he has been talking about this secret plan for more than a year. He has said it was “foolproof” and “absolute” in its effectiveness. In a CNN interview which aired on Sept. 7th 2016, Trump told CNN reporter Sara Murray quote “I’m going to convene my top generals and give them a simple instruction. They will have 30 days to submit to the Oval Office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS.” He later told supporters in Greenville, N.C. “They’ll have 30 days to submit to the Oval Office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS,”

Since Trump indeed won and was inaugurated on the 20th of Jan. then we could have reasonably assumed that we would have gotten word of the details of the promised document sometime around the 20th of February, however, this was not the case.

On Saturday Jan. 28, eight days after becoming President Trump, he signed three executive orders one of which ordered military leaders to give him a report in 30 days that outlines a new strategy for defeating the Islamic State. Trump said at the time, “they will have 30 days to submit to the Oval Office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS. We have no choice.” The Don’ has for over a year and a half been proclaiming to have a “foolproof” and “absolute” plan to “crush” ISIS. He has offered little details other than such well-established tactics as “bomb the shit out of ’em,” “take the oil,” and “take out their families,” all of which are considered war crimes under international law.



Image Source: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús, Flickr, Creative Commons

He placed Defense Secretary James “Mad-Dog” Mattis in charge of developing the plan. Just how this plan will differ from what the U.S. military is already doing now remains to be seen. Did Trump ever have a comprehensive plan to combat IS? Not likely. If you have been following The Fifth Column and critical foreign analysis, then you know that international terrorism is a creation of US Foreign Policy, Trump would do more to eliminate terrorism by dismantling and demolishing the Central Intelligence Agency and by stopping the flow of defense money to Israel, than by dropping more bombs on the Middle East. The war against Islam is not about protection from a boogey man, it’s about maintaining a perception of fear to profit from perpetual war, the end goal being Anglophile-Zionist hegemony. That revelation aside, the plan is due to be presented to the public on February 29th, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, new will be brought to the table. What do you think will be included in the plan ? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments bellow.