Trump Administration Is Purging Climate Info From EPA Website

Washington DC, (TFC)— Reports are indicating a possible Trump Administration purge of information on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. EPA’s move represents Trump’s latest efforts to lay bare Obama’s trace, and distort the reality of climate change. has monitored the new president’s actions since he took office in January. Many have criticized Trump’s backing of big oil, and flaky stance on climate change’s existence. His appointment of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, and other corporate space savers, also triggered many red flags.

Trump’s purge also includes information on international climate initiatives, tribal assistance programs, and response plans. Even mention of carbon pollution as contributing to climate change, CC reports, was removed.

Interestingly, whoever rewrote the page puts an emphasis on “adaptation”. Whereas climate adaptation is needed, Climate Central spies other intentions. “An attempt to separate the cause of climate change from the response”, a CC writer described. Other resources once present now lead to broken links.

This activity, reports, was first noticed on January 22nd, 2017.

Beyond the purge, the measure may signal a fallback of American attention to global climate change. Increasingly volatile weather patterns, while occurring on our shores, are more pronounced in tropical countries. The poorer the nation, the more corrosive destruction, the more necessary planning becomes.

Furthermore, EPA’s website landscaping fuels the general public’s unfortunate climate ignorance. Despite clear evidence that awareness is increasing, there’s still plenty of naysayers. Even those noticing erratic local weather downplay climate change as an ever ongoing, ancient process. With a population so apathetic disintegrating and terraforming EPA may not make much noise. The potential of this is frightening.

“They’re mostly scrubbing it [EPA’s website] of anything that has a hint of Obama”, explains Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists Research Director Gretchen Goldmann. According to ClimateCentral, a page outlining international climate partnerships “lost a paragraph affirming commitment” to United Nations initiatives.

Mentions of projects supporting poor American communities and tribal environmental programs were also removed. It’s another disturbing facet which has been augmented by Trump’s other actions.

One program granted $65.5 million to Native American tribes to help prepare, and respond to environmental and climate disturbances. The Tribal Environmental General Assistance program requested even more funds for 2017, which might not come. Despite the program’s remaining presence on other EPA pages, it’s been removed from the “partnerships” section.

Image Source – Pixabay

Over in Standing Rock, North Dakota, Trump has approved the continued drilling of the reservations only water supply. Water protectors are standing firm, but face a newly refreshed police force. Whether intended or not, this represents an abandonment of indigenous communities by the figurehead.

Others in Trump’s corporate choked cabinet have amplified his pro-oil and gas sentiments. These, of course, bleed into climate rhetoric, and how truthful Trump’s public statements are. Buzzfeed recently obtained private communication’s between Rex Tillerson–Trump’s pick for secretary of state with others in government. The outlets expose’ highlights the disconnect between Tillerson’s climate rhetoric on and off camera.

A Fifth Column News piece published before the purge asked whether something like this would soon happen. The article covered an interactive climate adaptation resource posted to the department of agriculture website just weeks ago. Intended to not only educate the public, but also share information on adaptation, it launched in Obama’s last days. That article questioned how permanent such developments are, and what Trump’s presence may do. We’re now living in a prophetic reality.