Petition on White House website: Hang Congress

(TFC– A petition circulating on Facebook is asking the White House to hang the entirety of the United States Congress. The petition cites the continuation of the Federal Reserve as its reason. The full text of the petition reads:

“Congress has committed treason continually since 12/23/1913 by allowing Rothschild’s illegal Federal Reserve to exist. They are supposed to be issuing our money, debt free, per article 1, section 8, clause 5. There is no reason for the US Government to ever borrow money from anyone. Our $20 trillion national debt is really a robbery by the 535 criminals who infest Congress. Their treason is undeniable and blatantly obvious. Please order the military to hang all of them and abolish the Fed in the process.”

The petition can be found here, at least until it is inevitably removed.

While the humor is obvious, it’s important to remember that there are very real grievances related to the Federal Reserve. Some of the grievances are imagined others are very real. If you’re not familiar with the Fed, this little stunt might serve as the perfect opportunity to research a topic that will most likely become a very important issue during this administration.


Prior to signing, you should also remember the personality of the current President of the United States. It may not be the best idea to hand a man whose decision-making process includes Twitter and Breitbart a petition authorizing him to commit mass murder and seize power.