Israel’s Activities on Occupied Palestinian Land Destroy Peace Process – Fatah

Israel (Sputnik) – Israel, by legalizing and continuing settlements on the occupied Palestinian territory, undermines the peace process and destabilizes the region, the Central Committee of Fatah, the largest group in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), said in a statement Thursday.

On February 6, Israel’s parliament passed a law legalizing almost 4,000 Israeli housing units on about 2,000 acres of privately owned Palestinian land.

“These Israeli practices threatened the situation in the region in general and undermine the political process as a whole,” the statement said, as cited by the Palestinian WAFA news agency.

The statement followed the meeting of the Central Committee of Fatah, the most influential group in PLO. At the meeting, issues of Palestinian internal and external affairs have been discussed, including “the critical situation caused by Israeli policies and practices against our Palestinian people and the occupied Palestinian territory, mainly in Jerusalem.”

According to the statement, the Israeli occupation practices on the Palestinian land and its attempt to legalize the laws issued by the national legislation body, are rejected in total. The Central Committee considers such laws as a “blatant defiance of international legitimacy, international law and the United Nations and its latest resolution 2334.”

By المصور معاذ كمال المصري – المصور معاذ كمال المصري, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Resolution 2334 of the United Nations Security Council, adopted on December 23, 2016, stipulates Israel stopping settlement activity on Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, as these activities violate the international law.

Attempts to settle the conflict over Palestinian territories occupied by Israel on the international basis have been made since 2002. As result of the Paris Conference for peace in the Middle East held on January 15, 2017, the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 was chosen as the basis for conflict resolution, implying the creation of the independent and sovereign Palestinian state within the borders of 1967.

This report prepared by Sputnik.