Iraqi Refugee Children Share Their Innermost Dream After Fleeing Terrorists

Iraq (Sputnik) – The children of Iraqi refugees who fled their homes to escape from Daesh are living a very hard life without proper heating, food or toys. A Sputnik correspondent visited one such refugee camp and spoke with the children about what do they wanted the most.

Khazer refugee camp is located near a village of Hassan Sham between Erbil and Mosul. Near the refugee tents, the children are laying out the perimeters of their future homes using rocks and stones.

The oldest of these children is a five years old boy named Majid. He is playing the role of an architect.

His family home before the terrorists came was situated in the eastern part of Mosul. It was destroyed by Daesh after Majid and his family fled to safety.

Having their own home is a dream of every person in the camp, as Daesh destroyed the houses of families who fled to safety. So the children at the camp can only make their dream a reality in their imagination and games right now.

When they play “house” the largest room for the children is the living room because for them that is the place where the whole family, relatives and friends gather together.

For every Iraqi household this space in the house this is the most important room.

Majid’s two sisters jumped into the imaginary small rooms and said that this will be a kitchen, in front of the bathrooms. The children said that when construction is over, they will live there with all of their friends from the refugee camp.

The children were laughing and having fun, when suddenly they all huddled and sat down together holding hands. It turned out that they were frightened by the roar of military aircraft. The weather was foggy so the plane wasn’t visible.

Iraqi Children – By Staff Sgt. JoAnn S. Makinano / United States Air Force – Public Domain – Wikimedia Commons

In this part of Iraq, planes are often heard flying overhead as they battle Daesh in the Nineveh province.

Local children have been forced to halt studying since the middle of 2014, when Daesh entered into the Nineveh province. Most of the children still have not received psychological treatment that would help them to overcome the memories of the terrible war.

This report prepared by Sputnik.