Women are being told their bodies are hate speech

(TFC)Charles Rae criticizes the transgender ideology that women’s words and body parts are bigoted. Raleigh, NC. 

With transgender politics on the rise in the United States, many women are becoming frustrated and even insulted by the logical manifestations of trans political ideology they didn’t sign up for. Namely: the language females use to describe their bodies, bodily functions, lives, and even oppression, are being deemed “transphobic,” thus, bigoted or hate speech.

A lot of women are waking up to this grim reality after this past weekend, when women marched all over the world in the Women’s March as a reaction to the presidential inauguration here in the US. They used words, images, symbols, and costumes of their body parts and reproductive functions to represent their bodily autonomy and feminism. They’re now being told that was transphobic, even violence, and called the slur “TERF.”

I have written this article to open that door a little further for you, to see the ways in which the bodies and words of women are being labeled as hatred and erased, not just by individuals online, but by well-known and respected organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Planned Parenthood.

But first, I took a survey online to ask gender critical women what words they’d seen labeled as transphobic. Here are some of the results:







No woman has a penis


All women have vaginas

Saying someone was born a boy/girl

Saying someone is “self-identified” or that they “identify as”


Only females give birth

Mother/birthing mother

Female bodied/male bodied


Real woman

Female genital mutilation





Biological female



Lesbians are females loving females

I am not attracted to penises

Women need safe spaces from men


Abortion is a women’s issue


Male violence



Male/female socialization

Calling a woman “she”

Calling a man “he”



The most impactful answer of all was:


Women saying no is now being deemed by transgender politics and mainstream “feminism” as bigoted mehhate speech. Women saying no to their oppressor class in their bathroom is “hate speech.” Women saying no to laws which are abstract, ill-defined, and ill-conceived is “hate speech.” Women saying no, a man cannot biologically become a woman, is “hate speech.” A woman saying no, I will not call you a woman, is considered “hate speech.” A lesbian saying no, I will not sleep with you, I do not want to be anywhere near a penis, is considered “hate speech.”

What alternate universe have we slipped into? I mean this question with all sincerity. This is all so obviously backwards it’s relatively terrifying that such a significant amount of people espouse this ideology.

This cultish langu14732279_1238616969535972_3112114201509098808_nage structure isn’t just from a niche group on Tumblr in a self constructed echo-chamber. This year, one of the most prominent human and LGBT rights organizations, the HRC (the Human Rights Campaign) published a safe sex guide online which categorized women’s vaginas as “front holes,” and transwomen’s reconstructed genitals as “vaginas.” I can’t help explain this logic to you.

In 2016, Planned Parenthood, one of the most well known women’s reproductive rights organizations, called women “menstruators” when tweeting pp-menstruatorsabout the tampon tax. I somewhat can explain this logic. On one hand women are being told they can’t talk about their period because it’s “triggering” to trans women, and bigoted because it marginalizes “women who don’t get periods” and “reduces women to their parts.” On the other, women can’t be identified as the class that gets a period because it’s transphobic to trans-men, natal women. The language behind this new movement for transgender rights is cloaked in bizzare, Orwellian language with completely alternate meanings, and the old ones, are hatred.

These ideas on language and meaning have been called the Doctrine of Gender Identity, and you can learn more about it from the philosopher Rebecca Reilly-Cooper.

Trying to keep up with the rules is nearly impossible, even for someone who genuinely does believe in this ideology. For those of use who don’t, we see women’s language, the language of women’s liberation, is being categorized as hatred of women, -transwomen- ….and erased.

Transgender politics, taken to its logical conclusion, would erase every word, marker, identifier, communicative symbol, and aspect of our language that is necessary to conceptualize and understand sexism. It would ban the word sexism itself. It would erase the conceptual representation of the physical reality of females all together. I refuse this language, and so should you.

Charles Rae is a Communication Major at NCSU. For more female-centered news follow The Fem Column on Facebook.