Israeli Defense Forces’ Leading Cause Of Death? Suicide

Israel (GPA) – The leading cause of death among the IDF in 2016 was suicide– accounting for over a third of all deaths. The trend has remained stable since 2013.

41 soldiers died while enrolled in military service last year– 15 of which took their own lives. Most were in forward units but “not necessarily” combat units says the IDF.

An Ethiopian career soldier fighting with the IDF took his own life last year. In 2015, three Ethiopian soldiers added to the statistic. It is unclear whether or not these men were immigrants from Ethiopia.

The IDF states that now that they are “aware” of the problem, they can do more to combat it including taking a proactive approach to soldiers’ mental health.

Perhaps forcing citizens to serve in the military arm of an oppressive state like Israel is doing damage to soldiers’ mental health.


This report prepared by Randi Nord for Geopolitics Alert.