6 Projects You Can Start to Change Society As We Know It

(TFC) – Deep inside the borders of every country, voices cry to be heard and people strive to live freely. Their entire lives have been influenced by the government and society around them. From the moment of birth, the government lays claim to you as a citizen or subject of a nation. An identity you didn’t choose and a society that is certainly broken is thrust upon you. The process continues and for most, it’s impossible to break free of the societal influences that lead people to believe they must trade their freedom for security. So they consent to be ruled by the worst of their respective countries.

This habit of ceding control of our lives to those who seek to use their positions for personal profit has led to a bankrupt world where personal responsibility is a thing of the past, and compassion is unheard of. Poverty, hunger, exploitation, ecological disaster, corruption, and the use of violence to enforce the rule of the state is our status quo. We allow it. We consent. The societal influences around us have created a nation and world of those suffering from chronic apathy. We know it’s wrong, but we don’t fight back.

As a movement, we’ve become insulated. Choosing to only interact with each other, going off-the-grid, and withdrawing from society leaves the influences that create a complacent population unopposed. We cannot continue to withdraw. Eventually, there will be nowhere to withdraw to. In the battle against corporate and government media, we fought fire with fire. We started our own news outlets and those outlets evolved into elaborate networks that are capable of providing more accurate information more quickly than multi-billion dollar corporate systems.

As corporate and government media across the globe scrambles to find ways to stifle the independent discussion and debate permitted by advancing technologies, it becomes apparent that all it takes to break the stranglehold governments maintain over their subjects and citizens is free-flowing information and alternatives to societal pressures that legitimize trading rights for illusions of protection. People from all walks of life and literally every country on the planet have chosen to obtain their news from The Fifth Column. This is true of many other independent media sites as well. The alternative was presented, and the people voluntarily chose to use it. This process can be used to undermine, reform, and eliminate many other forms of societal control.

If this technique is used to replace control systems and free the people from all-too-often manufactured threats, the demand for government involvement decreases. With decreased demand comes decreased government power. In short: we defeat tyrannical governments and oppressive societies by replacing them and ignoring them.

Soft systems of control can be eliminated and people can regain control of their lives. While most of the examples below are US-based, they are persistent throughout the world.

The Education System: Central to any government wishing to control its population is mandated public education. These state schools don’t educate, they indoctrinate. In the US, it’s highly unlikely tomorrow’s textbooks will disclose the decade-long Iraq War was started over a manufactured lie. It wouldn’t behoove the government to disclose its fallibility or its generally corrupt nature.

Homeschooling and private schools are already beginning to become prominent, weakening the government’s grip on the education of society. Private curriculums are becoming more widely available. Homeschooled students drastically outperform their public school counterparts. However, homeschooling only solves part of the problem.

After their high school educations, homeschooled students still typically enter a public university. By the time they graduate, they are fully indoctrinated in the belief that the state is their savior in some fashion or another. Most are also saddled with nearly $40,000 in student loan debt in the United States.

Solutions: Obviously, opening a physical university is beyond the means of most, though not impossible. Even this solution, though, still requires acknowledging the government’s supremacy and allowing it to hold the university’s accreditation hostage to gain compliance. The real solution probably exists in an online form of higher education. While each state has its own laws regarding what can and can’t be called a “university”, few regulate institutions that do not grant conventional degrees. By using different wording, an educational institution may be able to escape any form of government regulation. John Q. Reader didn’t obtain a “Bachelor’s Degree in American History” from Decentralized University of Northern Michigan, he graduated its “4-year program.” With real academic standards, a professional web presence, and transcript verification there is no reason an independent higher education system cannot destabilize the monopoly on higher education instituted by government.

The Financial System: It’s a heavily-regulated industry that is certainly rigged for the benefit of those at the top. It doesn’t matter where you fall on the political spectrum, big banks and currency manipulation are probably a concern.

Solutions: The solutions are, for the most part, already here. Cryptocurrencies certainly appear more than just a passing fad. The barter economy is always available. Precious metals like silver and gold are still capable of functioning as a tangible currency. The key is widening the use of these alternatives. The actions of the Federal Reserve become irrelevant if you have a full bitcoin wallet, some weight of silver and gold, or have established a local trading community.

While crowdfunding has certainly enabled projects with societal change in mind to become a reality, and Patreon has definitely assisted organizations in obtaining a steady revenue stream to continue their work, there is a lack of private loan networks that enable the temporary use of funds for change related projects.

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Publishing Industry: Learning to read is a major milestone in a person’s development. As soon as a person learns to read, they are absorbing ideas and concepts far beyond the simple stories they are reading. The moral of the story is learned. Then, school textbooks reinforce the ideas the government wishes its subjects to believe. By the time a person is reading recreationally, the heroes of books are almost always linked to the government in some fashion.

Solutions: Imagine children’s books that instilled self-reliance and community rather than obedience to the state. Imagine children’s books that taught the child that anyone seeking to control another human being through the threat of violence is not good or noble. Imagine textbooks that accurately depicted the corruption, violence, and barbarism of the state. Imagine comic books that made superheroes out of those who thought outside the box and fought the evils of government. Imagine magazines that taught young people to exercise and eat well for the sake of their health, rather than the sake of their looks. The critical element in these publications is subtlety. The point shouldn’t be the revolutionary ideas presented in them, the point should be the storyline, but the authors should pay special attention to creating a world where the heroes aren’t the cogs in the wheels of government, but rather the rust on the gears.

Print on demand companies allow people to start small publishing firms in minutes. The Fifth Column has already established production and distribution capabilities, but lacks the staff to read and edit submissions when they arrive.

Fashion Industry: Today’s fashion trends are the perfect example of disposable consumerism. Clothing from last year is somehow obsolete. More importantly, it drives a culture in which being fashionable is more important than being a person of substance.

Solutions: Altering this requires the introduction of clothing lines that are designed to raise awareness. The clothing must start by staying within current trends with slight deviations. Imagine floral patterns that have embedded symbols of resistance or graphic T-shirts with the same concept. Zippers that are, in fact, handcuff keys. Imagine widespread use of clothing that disrupts surveillance systems.

Developing these lines is as simple as creating a demand. The movement is full of artists who can produce the designs. There is an abundance of people who will wear the clothing in interesting locations around the country for photographs that can be used in guerrilla marketing campaigns. Models, photographers, and artists are everywhere within the community. A gimmicky sales pitch can be used to create demand and help undermine the financial sector at the same time. If certain products are only purchasable through Bitcoin or silver, fashion minded consumers are forced to engage in counter currencies to obtain the next “in” item.

Entertainment Industry: Anybody reading this knows that mass media is the ultimate control system within a nation. Music, television, and movies are consistently bombarding everyone with shallow information designed to keep the complacent in their homes and in line with the status quo.

Solutions: Technology has changed the way we consume these products and has opened up the market to anyone. Everything is streamed. There are no longer large distribution networks required to push your content to market. Movies, webisodes, and songs can be produced for a fraction of the cost they once were and can be distributed through the internet. Sympathetic independent outlets would be happy to review the content and help drive traffic, which in turn creates the revenue necessary for the content producers to continue their work.

Imagine traditional pop and dance music, but the chorus has a subtle ideological component. Think of the typical “girl dumps guy/empowered woman” pop song. She’s tired of being ruled over by her boyfriend. Imagine driving down the road and hearing “no rulers, no masters” as the upbeat chorus in the song. Imagine independent movies with the subtext of resistance. Imagine a popular culture in which opposition to government overreach becomes as standard as hating Kanye or Nickleback.


Youth Mentoring: The fight we’re engaging in is a multi-generational one. You will not see the conclusion in your lifetime, but you can see the turning of the tide. One of the most important facets of any comprehensive plan to alter society is reaching the next generation before they absorb the bad habits of the previous. Governments realize this. It’s the reason they spend so much energy indoctrinating the young.

Solutions: Imagine a national organization comparable to the scouts. The values are slightly different, though. Imagine groups of children being taught the value of independent thought, self-reliance, and compassion for one’s fellow man. They can learn the skills to keep them self-reliant. They can know from birth that they, and not some government, are responsible for their community and for themselves. They can grow, not through indoctrination, but through exploration of different ideas.

Conclusion: Each of these projects is massive in scale. Each requires a person or team behind the scenes with drive and dedication. If you were to choose to embark on any of these much-needed projects, it would alter your life. More importantly, it will alter others’ lives if you’re successful. Many might ask how these projects will bring about an end to the status quo, if they are, for the most part, simply business ideas.

For decades those seeking tangible change have been on the fringe and our method of seeking change has been to bring individuals to the fringe one person at a time, it has slowly built a movement and built networks of critical thinkers. Society at large is not made up of critical thinkers. If it was, we wouldn’t have the problems we do today. The time has come to take the idea to the general public. Today’s public is made up of consumers. They obtain their products and their beliefs in the marketplace. Winning hearts and minds occurs on the battlefield of the populace’s choosing. This is what they are comfortable with. This is where we will have to engage them. The battle that took place over the last few years that brought us the independent media we currently enjoy now needs to be refought in every other soft method of societal control.

The people making up the movement are as varied as the concepts that brought them together. They have different backgrounds, cultures, thought-processes, and beliefs. They also have different talents. It is time to pool those talents to build a better tomorrow.

Many members of The Fifth Column have done ground work for these projects and would be happy to assist you, if you’re up to the task.