Interview: Tech Professional Narek Safaryan Talks About Renderforest

Earth (TFC) – Narek Safaryan is a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Yerevan, Armenia. He is the founder and CEO of Renderforest. What is that you ask?

Renderforest is free online video and animation maker. Easily create family, wedding, or travel slideshows with music, promotional animations, explained or animated business videos, logo or intro animations, event invitations, kinetic typography and more.”

Narek is also the founder and CEO of Wildek Creative Videos which is a video production company for clientele seeking services beyond that of a basic start-up. He is a humble, but straight-forward individual with plenty of ideas, and a passion towards helping others brainstorm and achieve their long-term goals. Aside from business Narek has a love for the outdoors, and is a practicing snowboarder. This interview will delve a little deeper into his ideas, and how you could benefit from his expertise.


TFC: What prompted your entry into the world of video production?

Narek: The idea of the platform was born in 2013. At that time, we were only engaged in producing animation videos. We mainly worked with start-ups and the practice showed that many of them didn’t have enough funds to order animation videos. They had to buy video templates and then hire a specialist who would turn them into corporate videos. If the (company) budget of the start-up was not sufficient to hire a specialist they could try to edit the templates on their own which is a pricey, complicated and time-consuming process. The market lacked ‘the golden mean,’ which would overlap the two segments. That’s why we decided to create Renderforest.


TFC: I found an Albert Einstein quote on your Facebook page; “I wish to do something great and wonderful, but I must start by doing the little things like they were great and wonderful.” Tell our readers a little bit about yourself, and what this quote means to you?

Narek: This means helping society to do better. Everyone helps on their own terms, for us, we’ve taken the road of video production. Helping people to create and enjoy their life with great travel, or family videos. Helping start-ups to explain their vision and ideas, and helping businesses to do great presentations. We try to make their work easier and more effective by offering them the tools to be the video pro. Our new promo video conveys that idea as well, you can check it out here:  and here:

I have a cinematography degree, so my main profession is video production. However, I’m involved in IT as well, so our product has kind of a mix of video production, and IT. We are trying to build the future of the online video production industry and automate video production.


TFC: I noticed a few social media pictures of yourself enjoying the great outdoors, and snowboarding. Tell us in your own words how Renderforest can be useful for the Go-Pro carrying outdoors type?

Narek: Currently Renderforest is more an animation type creation tool rather than for videos. But we are working hard to add video editing opportunities so our users could do video editing in the cloud next year.


TFC: Explain a little about the ideas behind Wildek, and how you have created ties with large names like Microsoft?

Narek: As a video production studio we used to work with third party agencies that had connections with large brands. Prior partnering with Standpoint Media, DCG and many others. We created videos for global brands including Vodafone, Ericsson, Microsoft, Springer, Drager, and many more. Most of the profits from these videos were invested on the platform development which is in a state you can see now.


Narek SafaryanTFC: Are the templates on Renderforest of mostly your own ideas, or is there a think tank of animation geniuses in your arsenal? Give us an idea of the behind-the-scenes workings of your latest endeavor.

Narek: We do research to get inspired a lot. Our main inspiration sources are dribbble and vimeo. A great company is made from a great team. We have the best animators who have created videos for global brands. We’re using that experience to make amazing quality templates so users can access that quality and try it for free. It’s kind of removing some barriers when you can experience your video production in the same quality as global brands while only paying from $10 per video. Our team is currently 20, and every single person has their own role. When it all comes together you have the power to provide great service, which people will love. Our main goal is to make (video production) affordable and available to everyone. We are thinking about releasing non-profit animations or films when Renderforest grows enough.


TFC: Where do you envision Renderforest in 5 years? At what point do you reach a pinnacle?

Narek: Try to become the global video-making platform, helping more and more visitors. There are currently 1 million videos created on Renderforest from at least 0.5 million users. We do plan to double these numbers over the next few months and then continue the growth.


TFC: The Fifth Column’s following includes a lot of social activists, bloggers, vloggers, and freelance journalists. What open source advice would you give to people trying to progress forward with these types of interests?

Narek: Never to give up. Competition for any segment can be tough, but if you come in with a different approach and find your unique selling point, your company will start to grow. The users and the company can benefit. You need to maintain motivation for prosperity and growing. You should plan growth so each day it will be better than yesterday.

Web Summit in Libson, Portugal.

Web Summit in Libson, Portugal.


This advice can be used in almost any scenario. Narek speaks openly, and critically. In a recent article published regarding #TechNovember Narek spoke about Renderforest hitting its 1 millionth user, and had this to say about offers from start-ups for his website.

“…our company rejected all investment offers, received at Web Summit, and will continue to live on the profits gained from own sales.

Startups were especially interested in our platform at the summit, because they need videos the most to tell about their services. I can say that we gathered plenty of experience in Lisbon.”

Renderforest was launched with the middle class in mind. Offering free or low price video editing, and animation templates anyone can use and afford. It offers great ideas for bloggers, vloggers, artists, musicians, small business owners, and many more looking for a cheap way to promote their business or themselves. TFC has made an animation with the website already, and to peak your interest we have been offered 25 coupons for our readers to snag. Yes… That’s right, for those of you who have taken the time to read through this article and are considering heading to to make use of a template simply send an email to to receive a coupon. This can be used towards any template on the site and it can be upgraded for free. The coupons will be given out on a strictly first come, first serve basis. Also, if it takes a few hours for my response, don’t be upset. Good luck!

Interview by James Job.