How Compulsive Privacy Has Lead to Atrocious Oppression

(TFC) – As humans we’ve become indoctrinated to keep our desires private. The obsession with privacy has induced a hysteria wherein we spread war like fever and ascend authority onto a pedestal from which we worship it. This practice has become the norm of civilized social and political structures. The following is a breakdown of the problem.


The results of this behavior are apparent in society as we see it today. If you study individuals closely it becomes apparent that each of us are exercising individual volition and free will. Rarely, however, do we act on our desires in the face of criticism. No matter how innocent the desire or menial the criticism, we still favor indulging our desires in private to avoid characterizing ourselves outside of our own personal interpretation of normalcy.
The result of this practice creates arbitrary divisions akin to team sports fandom. When serious issues arise we divide ourselves into the preordained teams and adopt their groupthink ideologies in lieu of our own critical thinking and private thoughts.
A simple solution to this is to stop indulging in compulsive privacy and wear our desires and thoughts proudly in public, rather than repressing them or trading them in for prepackaged ideologies and group acceptance.


We all closet a vast collection of personal indulgences. On top of this we all have our own ideas about what belongs in our own proverbial closet and often conclude the same standards of privacy do or should apply to other individuals. And that is without even knowing what their closet looks like. It is this gulf of ignorance that validates compulsive privacy and guides our desire for less criticism; which in turn spirals into the divisiveness that drives us into one pre-established and popularly accepted way of thinking for one another. We are herded into sects of belief that are safe for the establishment. Whether the process is a sub-conscious one or is a result of careful manipulation, this division of people creates an unofficial hierarchy in social systems. Those who view themselves as having a superior position then pass blind judgments on others without ever considering they may be doing so out of servitude to prepackaged moral codes created outside of their own mind.
Just because others wear a different shoe does not make their feet any less comfortable. What works for others but not for you is not necessarily inferior to your ways, just different. In an increasingly unmanageable society honest and genuine individuality is of utmost importance to actual progress.


The hysteria that be conjured regarding utterly benign, menial or otherwise trivial phenomena have desensitized the populace. It has blinded us to real world atrocities while shifting our focus towards pointless outrage in pop culture happenings like the sex scandals of celebrities that we mostly abhor anyway.
The private desires of well known persons should not merit more attention than the unnecessary wholesale deaths of innocents resulting from increased military intervention. While death, famine, deceit and other serious issues are largely ignored by mainstream ‘news’ outlets, they are depicted repeatedly in entertainment media. As a result we become jaded to the horrors of the world through constant repetition in pop culture to the point that we have come to regard real life atrocity as acceptable and inevitable
Governments have created historical amounts of fiscal turmoil, yet continually allot exorbitant funding for military actions. And nobody can explain the reasoning behind their actions with any clarity, nor justify them with anything approaching reason. Yet still the typical nationalist still swells in jingoistic pride and rhetoric, making knee-jerk irrational displays of supremacy, rather than critically questioning those actions abroad. And so because their shame in their own desires divides them into manageable groups they will blindly follow the dictates of the pundits, experts and leaders who appear on their television screens. When assured by these authority figures that every portion of the nation is in good hands, regular people will wash their conscience of issues and atrocities we are all responsible for.


Authoritarians maintain a steady course of rule despite constant scrutiny of their private lives, which often turns up proclivities that do not bode well for their public image. Yet those aspects of their lives are none of our business. So when the subordinates preferentially scrutinize the private matters of authoritarians over their public policies and outcomes, while maintaining a desire for their own privacy, it becomes hypocrisy. And when authoritarians ignore policy proposals from the public on the grounds of superiority over their subordinates it creates and solidifies totalitarianism.
The ranking systems utilized by political, military, church, police and media practices clearly illustrate the vastly scarce practice of self scrutiny. We are so busy constantly critiquing others we ignore that the person who would benefit most from our criticism is our own self. And we hide our personal desires and mental contents in order to escape our own criticism of them by others.
Understanding and communicating our individual desires is key to self-awareness, which gives way to self sufficiency, self-ownership and a greater understanding of external events. Desires dictate a great portion of our lives. Desire changes, evolves and can be manipulated, a constant which we are all subject to regardless of our respective rank in any status quo model.
Challenging authority has and will always be the key to any revolution whose aim is to free the individual from bondage to other individuals and groups and the brutality those relationships inevitably create. We must stop following other individuals and groups and become, each of us, our own leader. And as leader of one’s self, the individual must reject aggressive external authorities entirely.


Stop hiding your innocent, harmless and non-aggressive desires out of fear of embarrassment, rejection and/or failure. We are all freaks inside and we would benefit greatly from a full examination of our most profound differences. Be uncompromisingly honest to yourself and others about who you are and what you want from yourself and them. Likewise be open to the honesty and openness of others. And most importantly – be the person in the mirror and not some reflection constructed in the image of a non-existent and impossible ‘normalcy’.
The kind of world we live in is created from the unique expression of each individual and their level of acceptance of the self and others. Our continued prosperity and survival depends on our ability to carve out more freedoms and liberties for an exponentially growing population of individuals.
While James wrote the heart of this piece, I put it through a rigorous series of edits. I was so enamored of his ideas and connections that I wanted to make sure that they were shared in the most clear and concise manner possible. And because our ideas in these areas dovetailed so nicely, and because the edited version carries so much of my own writing style, I wanted to be sure that credit for the narrative and perspective goes first and foremost to James. And if there are errors or inconsistencies, there is a good likelihood that I am responsible for them.
-Joshua Scott Hotchkin