Free Mohamed Abu Sakha

Israel (ISM) – Members of the Circus school in Palestine, representatives of the embassies of Italy, Spain and Switzerland, amnesty international and ISM was in the Israeli supreme court today to witness the hearing of the appealfor release for the Palestinian circus trainer Mohamed Abu Sakha, who have been on administered detention for almost one year. Administrative detention means that he is locked up in prison without having the right to a trail.

Mohamed Abu Sakha got his feedom taken away from him on the 14th of December 2015, when he first got detained at Zaatara military cheekpoint, south of Nablus, when going to his work at the circul school in Bir Zeit. He reseaved the first administrative detetntion for 6 months on the 25th of December 2015, and it got renewed again 13th of June 2016.

The pressidurein the court was quick. Mohamed’s lawyer read up the appeal first and almost directly after he finished, some men from the Shabak, Israeli secret military, stud up and passed a file to the judges in the room. After sending a few minutes to read the file, the judges dismissed Mohamed’s lawyers appeal and ended the court session.

Except from the Shabak, and now the three judges, no one knows what is written in the file. Not the prosecutor, Mohamed’s lawyer or even Mohamed. This means that Mohamed, after one year in Israeli prison, have don’t even know what he is accused off. The Shabak file is the only thing that keeps him in jail and it has been classified.

Source International Solidarity Movement

Source International Solidarity Movement

He has been kidnapped by the Israeli forces, put in jail for almost a year without the wright to have a trail and placed in the Negev, which futhermore is a violation against the Geneva convention, which states that detainees from the population of an occupied territory must be detained within that territory.

During his time in prison he has only been allowed to have visits three times, all three was by his mom.

On the 12th of December his administrative detention runs out but in theory it can be re-newed indefinitely. As of today, no one knows what will happen to Mohamed. Last time his detention was running out, it got extended the same day that he was going to be released.

The Palestinian people live under a content occupation. With his work as a circus trainer, Mohamed Abu Sakha fills a much needed roll to bring happiness and light to those around him.

End the administrative detentions.

Free Mohamed Abu Sakha.

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This report prepared by Huwwara team for International Solidarity Movement.