Egyptian Police Bust ‘Faked Syria Propaganda’ Ring

Egypt (GPA) – The Egyptian Ministry of Interior (MOI) posted on Facebook that they’ve arrested four men and one woman for allegedly making videos to be distributed as “footage from Aleppo, Syria.”

The suspects were arrested in the city of Port Said, allegedly mid photo shoot with a 12 year old girl. The girl was “wearing a white dress coloured in red, in a way that resembles blood” and holding a teddy bear (both covered in fake blood) in an area that “looked like Aleppo” but was actually just ruins in Port Said.

The statement posted to the MOI’s Facebook said the five suspects “filmed those scenes to be published on the pages of social networking sites to convince viewers that those pictures are the outcome of the ongoing events in the city of Aleppo, in the state of Syria.” Along with the five arrestees; two children, aged 12 and 9 were taken into state custody for care.

The police also seized a camera, six cell phones and a box of what they allege to be “props.” The five suspects are currently released on bail pending further investigation.

The MOI has said that the five confessed to making the videos and taking photos as

propaganda. Seized footage also included a young boy speaking into the camera about “the horrors of being trapped in Aleppo.”

Both sides in the Syrian conflict have accused each other of producing propaganda, although this incident doesn’t bode well for the “rebel” side. This is just the latest mark against the opposition on top of other staged or misleading videos, the White Helmets and their PR firm, and other discrepancies in the narrative that “Assad is a butcher.”

The more ground that the “rebels” lose the more is learned about them. From brutality to hoarding aid, the opposition is quickly being exposed and even some western media is losing their ability to shill for them any more.


This report prepared by Jim Carey for Geopolitics Alert.