Breaking: Student Shot At Reno High School by Campus Police Officer

Reno, NV (TFC) – A student at Procter R. Hug High School was allegedly shot by a campus police officer outside of the library on school grounds. As a former student (’98-’99) of this very high school, it pains me to report that an undisclosed officer has been put on administrative leave after firing a live round at a kid wielding a knife. The following is the breaking footage from Wednesday afternoon, and a summary of events.

The videos below are rather graphic in content and language. I have included two different angles below from open source footage captured at the scene.

In the first video it is clear that there is a young male, seen wearing a blue shirt, holding two knives and dancing around in a threatening manner. The video then cuts to after the gunshot takes place, and depicts the same young man lying on the ground wounded.

The second video shows a different angle, and while it does not show the actual shooting, it has both the gun and the officer involved in the shot. At first the student wielding the knife is parading around intimidating other students. Then, staff can be seen trying to do the right thing by clearing the other students away from the obvious threat of a disturbed individual. Only seconds later a shot is heard, and from the adjacent angle, the same kid in the blue shirt is seen lying on the ground, writhing.

The Reno Gazette Journal published a report stating that the boy’s father has come forward and identified his son as the young man.

“Justin Clark, who identified his son Logan Clark, 14, as the student who was shot, said the family is being represented by Reno attorney David Houston.”

The officer still has not been named at this time, and is currently on paid administrative leave. The logistics behind this scenario are unreal. There are multiple ways to subdue an individual, regardless of any non-ballistics weapon he/she may have in their possession; A taser, pepper spray, or a swift, well-placed sweep come to mind. There are indeed plenty of non-lethal ways to subdue suspects, and I argue that there should be an increased effort to do so particularly in regards to minors. 

Officer involved shootings are becoming far too common as of late. To have another child shot by a police officer in this country only identifies this state, and this country as the dystopian police state profile it deserves. Currently, there have been 1079 people killed by use of force by police in 2016 alone. More on that topic in a later article. 


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