WATCH Kurdish Women Battle Daesh Terrorists in Al-Hasakah (VIDEO)

Syria (Sputnik) – The war in Syria has affected millions of civilians; there are virtually no women in the country which have not been affected by it. Some women have taken up arms and are fighting the terrorists shoulder to shoulder with men, defending their homeland and their lives.

The Bein Nakhrein female military unit serves in the Democratic Syrian Forces in Al-Hasakah in the north-eastern Syria.

Along with Bein Nakhrein there is the Women’s Self-Defense group. Women are also fighting in the ranks of the Kurdish security forces, As-Saish, and in the Assyrian group an-Natora.

In an interview with Sputnik Arabic, fighter Rushan said that she went to war with the very first women’s squad. According to her, women are making a great contribution to the political, social, cultural and military spheres.

Women are fighting and protecting their rights, they are fighting for peace and liberation of the occupied areas by terrorists.


Another fighter said that for 40 years she was a housewife but with the beginning of the war she voluntarily enrolled in the ranks of the defenders of Syria. Lara believes that Syria will remain home to Syrians of all faiths and denominations. She’s ready to fight for every inch of her homeland.

Najwa from the village of Tel Arboush joined the army, when right in front of her eyes; the terrorists killed her elder brother in cold blood. He was just a university student.


A woman named Um Ziyad from the village of Um Garkan near the city of Tel Tamer said that the terrorists accused her of aiding Syrian troops and for that they confiscated her property and destroyed her house.

“I was helping the army, I was giving them food and water,” Um Ziyad told Sputnik.

According to one of the instructors in the training camps, at present a recruiting campaign is underway where women and girls are being called in for intensive training courses for handling of different types of weapons and special attention is given to handling a Kalashnikov gun.

Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting the Syrian opposition groups striving to overthrow President Assad. In parallel, Damascus has had to counter numerous extremist groups, in particular, Daesh.

This report prepared by Sputnik.