Identifying those responsible for the ‘Don’t vote Trump’ attack

(TFC) – A 32-second viral video shows a 50-year-old man being beaten and robbed by two unidentified assailants. The nation was shocked by the video. Partisan political violence. It’s something relatively unheard of in the United States, or is it?

Through analysis TFC has uncovered who is responsible for the attacks, and why we should expect more attacks of a similar nature. In fact, some have guaranteed at least 2 million more similar attacks in the next year.

The short version of the events in Chicago is simple enough. A traffic-related altercation occurred at the intersection of South Kedzie Avenue and West Roosevelt Road in North Lawndale Wednesday afternoon. Basically, the 50-year-old man was in the wrong neighborhood and the people in that neighborhood decided he wasn’t welcome, decided to use force, and the man got exactly what he deserved. He shouldn’t have been there. He didn’t belong there. The people in that area had him outnumbered.

Doesn’t sound fair or just does it?



59,704,886 Americans voted to make that concept national policy. People crossed into the wrong neighborhood, weren’t welcome, and now they will be violently dragged from their homes and cars across the country and forced to relocate by men and women who will just follow orders. Their possessions will be stolen by those same men. Trump has promised in his 100 day plan to begin that process for 2 million people, and has inferred that millions more will follow.

Americans who voted for Trump share the same guilt as those in Chicago. They don’t get to cloak themselves in some misguided belief in representative democracy. After all, there were more attackers in Chicago than victims. That’s Democracy in action. Just as the man in Chicago encouraged his friend to steal from the victim, voters encouraged the use of violence to make someone leave a neighborhood. They created violence where there was none. They initiated violence through their vote. There is no absolution in the fact that they voted someone else the power to act out their violence for them. The only difference between Trump voters and the attackers in Chicago: those in Chicago had the courage to do it themselves.

59,704,886 Americans cannot pass judgement on those in Chicago. They are cut from the same cloth. This was started by supporting a nationalist who gathered the weak-minded into a political force by promising to build a wall and force people out of the country. Marginalizing every minority group in the country cannot be done without consequences. Those who voted for a man whose platform centers on dividing people into small, manageable “out” groups cannot complain when those groups strike back.

If you are part of that out group who is lashing out, just be certain of your target.


Take a good look at the promised future for millions of our neighbors.