How to turn the election of Donald Trump into a win for freedom

(TFC) – President-elect Trump is a populist candidate with severe fascist undertones. So how can Americans concerned with liberty and freedom turn his election into a positive thing? How can we use a candidate whose campaign promises included shredding the Bill of Rights? We selectively support him.

The Republican party will view the Trump win as a mandate due to the electoral votes involved and Trump’s ability to power through projected Clinton wins. So, is it possible to force the Republican establishment to adopt any of Trump’s policies based on this perceived mandate?

Stealing the Trump campaign:

For most of our readers, Trump’s bigoted, nationalist agenda can cause physical illness. However, he’s been critical of the Federal Reserve and of US interventionism. The wins in the House and the Senate for the Republican party are not on solid ground. This apprehension can be swung to benefit the country.

Whether you supported Trump or not, it’s time to make it clear to Congress that you supported Trump solely to end US interventionism and to audit/end the Federal Reserve. Through calls and emails to elected officials, as well as memes on social media, we should be encouraging our new Fuhrer to end interventionism and go after the Fed.

While it may be tempting to complain about the election, it won’t do any good. This is the system we are stuck in for the time being. We have four years to attempt to swing public opinion on these issues with the help of a populist figurehead. We have a figurehead we can use to introduce people to the facts behind American interventionism and the dangers of the federal reserve. It’s an opportunity we aren’t likely to have again.



Opposing the intolerable acts:

Trump’s positions on immigration and the advancement of the police state must be opposed at every opportunity. The rebuilding of the Berlin Wall on the southern borders is a threat to all Americans. There are no free societies with a militarized border. The smart activist will tie this militarized border to his support of militarized police. Intelligent people on both the left and the right see militarized law enforcement and expansion of federal law enforcement as a threat to individual liberty throughout the country. These issues must become inseparable in the minds of the public.

The ultimate goal of a Trump presidency:

Trump has publicly stated he’d put Hillary Clinton in jail. While the jailing of political opponents is a chilling prospect, there aren’t many in the United States who would believe Hillary Clinton’s actions in regards to using the US State Department as a mercenary political force should go unpunished. More importantly, setting a precedent for the imprisonment of high-ranking establishment officials is something that can shake the establishment to its knees.

This can only serve to slightly destabilize the establishment. To truly revamp society, we need to build a movement: a parallel society within the society. In short, we need a fifth column.