Colombian Government, FARC Sign New Peace Deal After Referendum Rejection

(Sputnik– Colombian authorities have signed a new peace accord with FARC rebels, after the previous agreement was rejected in a national referendum in October.

The new deal between the Colombian government and FARC rebels was stricken in Havana, Cuba on Saturday.

“We have reached a new final agreement to end the armed conflict, which includes changes, clarifications and input from a variety of walks of life, which we considered successively,” Cuban Ambassador to Colombia, Ivan Mora, said after the talks.

Since early November, the sides have been negotiating on reconsideration of a previous deal, which was rejected by Colombians on a national referendum in October.

FARC Area of Operations

FARC Area of Operations

In summer, the Colombian government and the left-wing FARC guerrilla group, the largest in the country, announced a comprehensive peace agreement to end decades of conflict. The deal included agreements on landmine removal, land reform, transitional justice and the end of illegal drug trafficking.

In October, voters in Colombia rejected the deal in a referendum. Despite the vote’s result, President Juan Manuel Santos has pledged to continue seeking peace with FARC.

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