5 Groups and Individuals to Blame For Donald Trump’s Victory

(TFC) – Liberals all over America are crying in the ice cream like Bridget Jones. They are buying the materials needed to build a bomb shelter if they aren’t making arrangements to move to Canada. Their depression is palpable. They speak in doom and gloom; thinking the world is going to end. There is a reason to do this. Ignorance, fear mongering, and failing to logically and correctly addressing the issues, brought you Trump.

You put on your headphones, covered your eyes, and refused to even acknowledge the issues, or talk to political adversaries. You gambled with narcissism and arrogance, and you lost. This result is a history lesson you need to study and memorize. Donald Trump should have never been elected, and wouldn’t be president if these mistakes weren’t made.


  1. Barack Obama

When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, he had full control for two years, thanks to the Democrats holding the majority for both houses. What did he do in those two years? Absolutely nothing. He was a constitutional law professor and community organizer who worked within African American communities; knowing what ailed black Americans.

He didn’t push for or sign a bill to reform America’s criminal justice system, to benefit African Americans. He did nothing to curb police brutality, and African Americans may have had their employment rate increase, but their labor force participation decreased, while the poverty rate stagnated. Even the legalization of cannabis, and the end of the drug war would have done wonders for the African American community, who would have millions of brothers, sons, daughters and fathers return to the workforce and improve the economic conditions of the community. If all of that happened, race relations wouldn’t be in the porous state it is now; furthermore Black Lives Matter wouldn’t need to exist, and the country would be far less angry and divided. Instead of taking steps to improve the lives of African Americans, he set his sights on a health care bill that is falling apart at the tail end of his presidency.


  1. The Urban Snobs

Rural America is in ruins. Jobs have eroded, poverty is running rampant, and the media, as well as the keyboard warriors who rant on social media simply don’t care. Rural America has not been granted a voice, and have practically no say in any political decision due to their geography, and their lack of finances.

In a story published in the Des Moines Register, one urban voter said, “In general, we just are not what we used to be. It’s all trickle down. It’s affected everybody.” Wayne Steger, a political science professor at DePaul continued the sentiment by adding, “Their communities have gone down and lost population. They all know friends and neighbors who have gone under. So that weighs on their perception of reality as to where things are.”

As Politico noted, inflation adjusted income in the cities increased, while the poverty rate decreased in rural America due to people leaving the country for the city. Other outlets like The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal have linked the loss of jobs, poverty, and the unwillingness of Washington to help rural America as the reasons Americans in the country supported Trump. Of course people will claim urban racism is to blame, and all of those urban voters elected Trump not because they are racist; they are fed up.

The issue was mentioned throughout CNN’s election night coverage as a sign the urban and suburban communities in America are on completely different wavelengths. While Democrats concentrated on African Americans, women, Hispanics, and other left wing demographics, they ignored rural America and got burned for it. That’s not due to racism; it is due to ignoring the desperately poor urban Americans who want someone to listen to them.


  1. The DNC

The moment Barack Obama was re-elected, the Democratic Party laid the groundwork for a Hillary Clinton presidency. Instead of nurturing and supporting a wide range of Democrats in Congress, the Senate, State offices, the DNC jumped on the Hillary train. Their friends in the media followed suit as shown in the Wikileaks document dump that showed former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her underlings actively working to demean the Sanders campaign and prop up Hillary. Wasserman-Schultz replacement Donna Brazile fed Clinton debate questions to better prepare her preferred candidate. As shown, Clinton was a flawed candidate from the start. She lost key Democrat states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania who like millions of Americans didn’t trust her.

Sanders supporters were infuriated with his treatment by the Party, and scandal continued to follow Clinton, all because the DNC went to bat for Clinton. With more legitimate candidates in the fray, and no bias towards Clinton, Democrats would have presented more choice, properly campaigned, and possibly nominate a person who could have defeated Trump, like Bernie Sanders.


  1. The Regressive Left

When he made his official campaign announcement, Donald Trump insinuated that Mexicans immigrate to America to commit crimes. Immediately after he refused to apologize for that statement, Americans who are sick and tired of being called racist, and seeing people losing their jobs for poor Twitter posts, jumped on the Trump train. He could say whatever he wanted and not risk losing his job. He spoke against political correctness at a time when trigger warnings, microaggressions, and safe spaces are taken hold in the media, and college campuses.

Wearing a certain hairstyle, repeating a tasteless joke, or daring to go against the radical left narrative is getting you branded a bigot; having certain opinions gets you disinvited from college campuses, and a large swath of Trump supporters despise that. They are for free speech, controversial views, and free assembly. They like debate, discussion, and dissent, and the world of the social justice warrior created the atmosphere where a man could make any comment about any person, and not feel repercussions. If Justine Sacco didn’t lose her job; if conservative speakers were allowed on campuses without little fuss, Trump would lack the appeal.


  1. Hillary Clinton

A former first lady, senator, and secretary of state loss to a bombastic and rich reality T.V show star with no executive experience. That is pathetic.



In no other world would a person with those former titles ever lose to someone like Trump, but Hillary did because she is an arrogant and corrupt example of everything that is wrong with American politics. She contributed to the destruction of Libya, she illegally stored emails on a private server, and the foundation she operates with her husband is rife with controversy. Her cozy relationship with banks, and corporations, and her propensity for war turned voters away from her. She spoke of public and private opinions; she counts dictators and abusers of human rights as friends, and throughout her candidacy she produced ads and concentrated on all the stupid things Trump has said, instead of campaigning on policy. She used power, money, and influence to do what she wanted; when she wanted to, and erroneously believed she could run a bad campaign and win. Because of this result, she is on Walter Mondale’s Christmas card list, as she has replaced him as the most laughable Democratic presidential candidate in history.



I know for a fact, as I write this, outlets like Salon, Mic, The Huffington Post and Alternet will publish articles blaming racism and sexism for Clinton’s defeat. They will claim American racism has won another election; they will argue America is now conformed as a racist, misogynist, and homophobic society, but those articles will do nothing more than prove me right. Democrats, liberals, and every leftist who cultivated these issues got burned, and in a way they deserve it. When you ignore demographics, spread a culturally fascist society, and nominate a poor candidate, while promoting said candidate for the sole reason they are not the other, you lose. By ignoring all of Hillary’s terrible faults, you suspended history, and hit the chipshot wide right.You called every Trump supporter a bigot, and claimed a vote for Trump condoned bigotry. You poked the bee hive for too long, and now you’re Thomas Jay trying to find Vada’s mood ring.