Why Russia is NOT “Preparing for Nuclear War”

(TFC) Washington – Over the past few weeks the alternative media has been on red alert accusing some of missing a major story concerning Russian preparations for “nuclear war.” Although this makes for a good headline; the usually anti-government media outlets are leaving out some critical analysis of how all governments operate.


While it is true that the Russian government did hold a “nuclear exercise” it is important to remember it was still orchestrated by a government.


It’s obvious that a lot of people who read alternative media have a soft spot for Vladimir Putin and sometimes he does things that seem to warrant feelings of trust. Whether you agree with Russia combating American imperialism in Syria, Putin trashing western “GMO food” or the Russian state “banning the Rothschilds” it is important to remember that these moves by the Russian state are still propaganda pieces in the chess game of geopolitics.


The United States pulls moves like this all the time too and alternative media seems to always see through them. Whether it’s the US holding up “freedom fighters” in Syria, pulling down statues and destroying palaces belonging to dictators abroad or hosting exiles and refugees at home to show America’s commitment to freedom; this all falls under the same umbrella of doing good for your image’s sake.


Alternative media has no problem seeing through this veneer of friendly statism from the US but does seem to have the problem of seeing the same scenario played out in nations they have a soft spot for. Critics of the United States will be quick to point out how oppressive the state is and how a culture of fear is used to keep the population submissive to the empire’s aims but sometimes have a hard time recognizing this elsewhere.


China has also carried out drills like this and has sent the alternative media into a frenzy, reporting on how China was warning their citizens to “prepare for An impending naval war” (it was even reported by Russian state-run media.) These kind of reactions seem pretty reactionary and catastrophic coming from outlets who constantly talk about how the War on Terror is used in the US to keep the citizens submissive or even eager for war.

Image Credit: Flickr - Creative Commons - Gerard Van der Leun

Image Credit: Flickr – Creative Commons – Gerard Van der Leun


Both Russia and China also run on a similar model of silencing dissent and using fear to maintain complacency. The alternative media also recognizes that the US is a rogue terror state but fails to realize how that would be perfect for foreign leaders to capitalize on in the same way our leaders use “Islamic terror.”


The Russian nuclear drill was planned by the country’s ministry of defense and even announced on a state-run outlet run by the department. In the same vein of nationalist fervor used by leaders in the US; always having an impending threat at the doorstep keeps people clamoring for a “strong national defense.”


With so many American internet news outlets talking constantly about fear, intimidation and even false flags (let’s not forget Putin rode to victory on almost essentially confirmed false flag attacks blamed on Chechen terrorists) it’s hard to see why so many of them are missing the bigger picture of these drills.


Tightly controlled states led by strong men or iron-fisted governments thrive even more on fear than the United States. Russia putting citizens on high alert for the threat of a possible nuclear holocaust is a perfect tool for rallying the masses behind the banner of “stopping the looming imperialist threat.” Just as average Americans rally around candidates who pledge to bomb ISIS out of existence, average citizens of foreign countries look for militant leaders to save them from the day’s threat.


This piece is not to say the US is innocent of aggression and their own versions of these tactics but more journalists and readers critical of statism should understand that these threats are beneficial to all parties involved. This fear-mongering helps all nations involved far as breeding complacently and fueling the respective military industrial complexes goes.


To sum it all up; you may not be afraid of Islamic terrorists coming to get you but when you spread fears of impending nuclear wars you’re just buying into the opposing great powers’ propaganda machine. When you spread information like this, you are not only buying into nationalist propaganda from another state you’re also helping to do the job of the catastrophists in this country on a whole new level.
Just remember, if you’re going to question everything then you need to question everything. The politics of fear doesn’t need our help in this country so let’s try to really see through the deception of the elite worldwide and make sure we aren’t doing their jobs for them.