The facts you need about the ‘New Cold War’

(TFC) – It’s time to separate some fact and fiction. The current show playing out center-stage in the global political theater is, of course, the “new Cold War”. None of the developments are spectacular. None are truly pressing. The “new Cold War” isn’t even that new. The first articles filled under “new cold war” on The Fifth Column date to over a year and a half ago. There’s nothing emergent about the current situation. It’s the natural progression of events.

Most of what is flowing through the news cycles right now, is nothing short of propaganda. TFC is taking this opportunity to provide some context behind some of the situations and dispel some of the blatant propaganda.

Russia staged a massive drill and put 40 million people in shelters: No, it didn’t. Russia conducted a normal run-of-the-mill readiness drill. Millions were not placed in shelters. This drill takes place every year.

Russia moved nuclear missiles closer: Yes, it did. This isn’t a surprise, nor a provocation. TFC first mentioned it on August 10th, 2015. Last month, we reminded everyone it was happening. This has all been in response to a drastic NATO buildup in Eastern Europe over the last few years.

The United States is fighting ISIS in Syria: No, it isn’t. The US funding of opposition groups started in 2006, right about the time ISIS showed up in Iraq. The goal has always been to overthrow Assad, not fight ISIS.

The US raised its DEFCON level: The cited website in all of these claims can be seen here. That isn’t a government website. It has ads. Generally speaking, announcements made about nuclear war are not made through a blog by a guy named only “Ryan”. There has been no indication of an elevated DEFCON.

The US is doing the right thing: The United States is operating in Syria illegally. There is no Security Council resolution, there is no precedent in international law to engage in the behavior the United States has engaged in. Russia, on the other hand, has been invited to operate inside Syria.

The Military Times ran and article titled, “U.S. vs. Russia: What a war would look like between the world’s most fearsome militaries“: They most certainly did, but this doesn’t mean war is imminent; especially since the article was written over a year ago. Here’s TFC’s coverage of the article dated October 7th, 2015.

The US is “Confident of Russian involvement in recent hacks: These are the same “intelligence professionals” who were “confident” of the Iraqi WMDs. The US intelligence apparatus has presented no tangible evidence of Russian involvement and given their string of failures, I’d be more trusting of the word of a $5 snitch.

Russia warned its citizens of nuclear war: Yes, one Russian broadcaster warned of imminent nuclear war. Have you ever watched the Alex Jones Show? I’m fairly certain I should have been eaten by demons controlled by aliens during the UN takeover of the United States during Jade Helm, if every prediction of every media personality came true. How many times has the US been warned of dirty bombs, smuggled nukes, chemical attacks, biological attacks, and so on? Russia has a government. It scares its citizens into submission the same way every government on Earth does.


The thrust is that simply put: there is no scramble. This is not news to military establishments in either country; it’s not even news to you. Almost every sign of impending doom was forecast by the outlet you’re currently reading. Surprises trigger wars, not events forecast years in advance. The “tensions” are simply because the Russians won’t bend to Washington’s will and the US won’t stop an illegal attempt to oust a foreign leader. Both countries need to rally the support of their citizens to increase their bargaining position in the next round of talks. The easiest way to rally citizens? Terrify them.

For US and Russian citizens, this little diplomatic spat means nothing. Meanwhile, the citizens of Syria are still watching their street flow with blood.

If you want to end this, remove the belief that the government has a mandate to create chaos in Syria simply because of economic disagreements. Right now, call your representative and senator to express your disapproval.