Russia did not put 40 million people into shelters

(TFC) – There’s been word of Russia placing 40 million people into shelters to drill for nuclear war with the United States. This led to other rumors including imminent nuclear war between the two superpowers.

So, did Russia really place 40 million people in shelters? No. The Russian government conducted an exercise that involved 40 million people. That means that 40 million people were somehow impacted. Emergency medical services conducted additional training, the military went on alert, citizens received a broadcast message, police conducted drills, and other agencies performed training. If all of these people are added together, 40 million people were involved. Most of these people simply heard an emergency broadcast.

The Russian government released this statement:

On the first day, the Emergency Ministry planned comprehensive civil defense steps to be taken in territories of civil defense groups in each region of Russia. Safe areas for sheltering evacuated people, material and cultural values, vehicles and equipment are being checked, composition of task forces, procedure for forming a civil defense team and for operations related to different types of disguise are being revised.

Additionally, daily control centers and evacuation bodies are being deployed and alerted and evacuation plans are being specified. Commissions will have meetings on the first day to discuss how to improve stable operation of economic facilities and vital services, during which they will hear reports on the readiness of federal and regional executive authorities, municipalities and organization to civil defense actions.

After the National Crisis Management Center brought the management signals, all management bodies, state authorities, forces and facilities on duty and people were notified through notification systems available.

In addition, on the first day of the drill, federal executive authorities are practicing civil defense actions, revising civil defense and civilian protection plans, composition, missions and procedure of the officials authorized to handle civil defense tasks and included in task forces. Collaboration and information exchange protocols are being rehearsed, evacuation plans and routes, use of vehicles and equipment for evacuation are being revised. Civil defense forces and facilities of federal executive authorities are being involved in practical actions – forces and resources of rescue units, brigades of federal authorities, enterprises and organizations.

The National Crisis Management Center is planned to gather and exchange information on civil defense actions with crisis management centers of Emergency Ministry’s regional centers and directorates in constituent territories. Information capacities of dispatch services of federal executive authorities and the single dispatch service of municipalities will be tested, including using automated software for planning and taking civil defense actions and protected channels. There will be joint and separate drills to test communication between control centers on the federal, regional and municipal levels.

The three-stage four-day drill involves more than 40 million people, more than 200,000 specialists of rescue units based in regions, organizations and enterprises, as well as some 50,000 units of equipment. Management bodies and forces of the Emergency Ministry’s territorial bodies have been put on simulated high alert.


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As far as the US response, not a single branch of the US military is on alert due to this exercise. The fear mongering machine of both the mainstream and conspiracy website world was in full swing for nothing. After contacting more than a dozen Russian citizens, TFC was unable to find anyone who was in a shelter, or knew of someone who went to a shelter, or even heard of someone going into a shelter.

This is not the Cuban Missile Crisis.