ND Governor Activates National Guard, Precedes Federal Ruling

North Dakota (TFC)- On September 8, 2016, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple called up the National Guard to the areas around the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest/protection site “to support law enforcement, and augment public safety efforts.” This move was alluded to as a matter of not if, but when, from his Executive Order 2016-04 executed on August 16th.

Cody Hall, the media spokesperson for Red Warrior Camp, stated in a live streamed video to Facebook that the activation of the National Guard is “putting our lives in jeopardy” for expressing their rights, both Constitutional and civil. The North Dakota Governor’s announcement has come after video was taken showing the contracted security of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) had pepper sprayed, as well as what appears to be personnel coaxing their dogs to bite protesters/protectors.

Image Source: Joseph Tye

Image Source: The Fifth Column

Many media outlets mentioned four security guards and two dogs being injured in what they called a protest turned violent, but made no mention of any protesters/protectors being injured, despite video and photos on social media showing people being treated for exposure to pepper spray as well as showing wounds from dog bites.

While the protesters/protectors remain steadfast to call for a peaceful gathering, the question in the air is what is to come after the presence of the North Dakota National Guard is shown. According to North Dakota Century Code 37-01-04, with the Century Code being the laws that are currently active in North Dakota, the governor has authority to activate the national guard “In case of insurrection, invasion, tumult, riot, breach of the peace, or imminent danger thereof, […]”. This announcement has come before the upcoming federal ruling on the lawsuit that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has initiated, challenging the permits pertaining to the Dakota Access Pipeline, which the ruling is due Friday.