Introducing: How To Overthrow An Empire Video and Podcast Series


John Carico of Fifth Column And Eric Scott of Free Radical Media are proud to announce a new project focused on discussing tactics toward revolution. The format of the video show will be as follows: We will cover a tactic from it’s origins to contemporary times in a hard news style segment, then we will have a conversation, or multiple quotes from activists and forward thinkers on said tactic, then we will have a free from, sometimes roundtable, discussion about how that tactic can help us move toward liberation.

We also have podcasts for long form interviews.

Our first  interview, with Frank Lopez of Submedia, is available here:

We want to thank Sole and David Rovics for letting us use their music, Christopher for helping film the intro, and Nemo for designing our logo.


Here is the audio version of our introductory episode, where we discuss anarchism and democracy:

And finally here is the YouTube link to the first episode:


You can also find us at