Interview With Insurrectionist Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones is a 9 year practitioner of the Southern occult tradition known as Conjure, Rootwork, and Hoodoo. A skilled card-reader and Spiritworker, Dr. Bones has undertaken all aspects of the work, both benevolent and malefic. Politically he holds the Anarchist line that “Individuality can only flourish where equality of access to the conditions of existence is the social reality. This equality of access is Communism.” He resides in the insane State of Florida with his loving wife, a herd of cats, and a house full of spirits. 

He can be reached through Facebook and writes for Gods & Radicals and Disinfo.


1. What got you interested in politics?

In highschool I had a classmate that wanted to be a priest. We’d get together and he’d tell me about all these world events going on and I became intensely interested. Not just interested, but wanting to do something about them. Funnily enough he’s an arch-conservative and I’ve gone….the other route.

Really I think I was born with it though. I can remember being a kid and having a very real feel for politics, trying to read newspapers and the like. I think anybody who gets into politics is someone whois naturally aware of the world around them, you know? They can’t just go home, watch tv, and eat cheetos. Their mind really grabs ahold of these world issues and tries to solve them.

That’s the funny thing: everybody has ideas about how to solve the world’s problems yet prefers to rely on other people to do it. Well you have ideas, I have ideas, why not skip the middle man and start doing things together?
2. what has been the progression of your ideological journey thus far?
Oh my, I’ve run the gambit. I am a living example of radicalism: I started out as a little lefty and have morphed into a nihilistic, Stirner quoting, Illegalist who advocates a Will to Power version of Communism. Each stage of my ideological progression was like a snake skin, each theory helped me cast something else off of my spirit, some spook holding me back. First it was the State, then it was Capitalism, then morality till finally I dispensed with ideology altogether.

3. Which piece of your writing would you recommend to people not familiar with your work?

Ah, that’s difficult. I’d say “Against Tradition: Anarchism in a Magical Context” and “Hail the Hyena.” In those I argue for a magiical practice no limited by the Gods or tradition and for individuals not limited by society

4. How do Paganism/ magick and anarchism intersect?

Paganism wants to be Anarchist but it remains a religion. With it’s rules and oaths and all these “do’s” and “don’ts” I thik Paganism displays Anarchist elements but hasn’t quite made the jump.
Occultism on the other hand, Hoodoo especially, absolutely is Anarchist. These are woman and men saying “fuck your route to Nirvana, I want to find my own” and actually speaking one on one with gods, not as servants, but as allies. Initiation is few and far between and it’s mostly made up of truth-seekers and the curious who want to take a look under the hood of reality.

As I write in “Against Tradition:”

“I freely acknowledge powers and intelligences larger and stronger than my own, but I will not give over MY own power to question them, to analyze and make my own choices regardless of how they might feel. I do not give whatever food my actions might be to spirits simply because they say so or worse, because this is how it must be done. Dogmatism and an unthinking faith are the tools of slavemasters, whether they come from a hammer and sickle or a pentagram.

“We must not forget then that we have just as much right to say no, to decline the will of the spirits as freely as they can decline ours. We seek etheric unions, not spiritual servitude. And if these choices bring situations where the spirit decides to force our hand? We will charm, cleanse, pray, and work ourselves out of them!…

“Hundreds of years of peasants putting the statues of hesitant saints upside down to make them work speaks volumes on the two-way nature of force between worlds. We were not built to be mere worshipers.”

Occultism in reality has no morality to speak of. Sure, some schools say this or try to convince you bad shit will happen if you hex someone, but in reality there’s alot you can get away with. A fingernail or lock of hair is enough to kill someone, putting etheric assassination in the hands of every pissed off worker from here to Afghanistan. Does it get more Anarchist than that?

5. How do we combat sectarianism?

We don’t.
I mean that’s the truth. People have this vision of some united front of Anarchism, that the different strains are going to get together for some final show down with Capitalism. That’s never happened because “the Revolution,” i.e. the final one, is a religious concept.
Look at Spain! What was a “united front” was anything but.
The only way to really build Anarchism is to build the actions Anarchists take. You want co-ordinated activity? Bring back events or struggles people can act in. People flocked to Anonymous because they were doing shit. The theory, the “culture” came afterwards. You want AnComs to work with Individualists? Start a fucking riot, or maybe a Food Not Bombs. People by nature are lazy and prefer a well trekked path than blazing a new trail. Create the forms they can struggle in and the revolutionaries will rush in.
Look at the international brigades in Rojava. It’s a proof of concept that there are plenty of people itching to do something, anything. They’re just looking for a target or a method. Bring back an Anarchism that is focused on fighting, not theory, and it’ll bloom. Bring back Propaganda of the Deed.

But yeah, sectarianism….that’s not going to go away. People are going to continue to fight for their idea, whatever that might be. Neitzche’s concept of Will to Power is crucial here:

“My idea is that every specific body strives to become master over all space and to extend its force (–its will to power:) and to thrust back all that resists its extension. But it continually encounters similar efforts on the part of other bodies and ends by coming to an arrangement (“union”) with those of them that are sufficiently related to it: thus they then conspire together for power. And the process goes on–

The conflict and chaos, as well as bitter infighting, is just a byproduct of a universe built to blindly increase development. All things fight or die, only existing as “things” we recognize by the scars and tears on their body. Each theory we hail as so incredible as been molded and shaped by the slings and arrows of it’s foes. Same thing with the ones we now know are bullshit.

Lenin never did turn over “all power to the Soviets.” Without that moment we’d still be quoting him today.
Anarchists are a rabid bunch. I’d much prefer bloody cage-fights between perspectives than the dull gnawing of turn-of-the-century theories. Leave that for the fucking Marxists. But as for the real world peace does not, nor can it ever, exist.

6. In order to bring about an insurrection what do you think we would need to focus on first in order to be prepared and as useful as possible toward the ends of liberation?

“To bring on the Insurrection? First, as corny as it sounds, there needs to be a fundamental change in human thinking.

Max Stirner has this great line when people are asking for government for freedom freedom of the press. ‘As a ‘petition for right,’ even as a serious demanding of the right of liberty of the press, it presupposes the State as the giver, and can hope only for a present, a permission, a chartering.’  The press isn’t free because it’s freedom is dependent on somebody else’s whims. Remember you and I are the result of thousands of years of domestication. We have been trained since childhood to ASK for things, to receive permission. Even traditional Leftists are guilty of this, endlessly waiting until they get enough people(which never comes, mind you) before they feel they can act. We beg cops to stop killing us, we plead with the State to stop locking us up like caged rats. Our homes and lives are stolen on a daily basis, the air we breathe and the water we drink is being poisoned, our food has enough chemicals in it to kill an infant, and amid all this, amid a literal hellscape of endless war and black site prisons we linger with outstretched hands, asking permission to raise a fist or worse begging the guilty to become human and make it all end.

We have to see ourselves as powerful beings again. We have to stop asking, stop begging. We need to start demanding.

Gun ownership is absolutely a key step as well. The revolutionaries need to be armed again, need to actually be a threat. Remember the Iraq War? The biggest protests the world has ever seen? People thought we had finally reached some higher level of consciousness. Peace, love, all that good shit. And what did it do? Absolutely fucking nothing. Not a god damn thing. There are piles of dead Iraqi children and unspeakable acts being committed in our names and the best we could manage was to stand around and beg our owners to stop. I’m not even saying we need to start some urban guerrilla campaign, though the FAI has. The simple fact that the power to decide life or death no longer becomes a monopoly held by the State and it’s servants is absolutely critical. Cops KNOW what a gun does, soldiers do too. The possibility of an armed confrontation, just the sheer possibility, is enough to make them think twice.

Up till now they’ve done as they pleased. The powerful must be made fearful again.”

7. Tell us a bit about the FAI

“Ah, the FAI. The FAI stands for Federazione Anarchica Informale, the Italian acroymn for Informal Anarchist Federation. It is the Anarchism you remember, the one that used to kill Kings and Emperors. They are some badass motherfuckers. They’ve committed countless arson and bomb attacks. They’re global, shadowy cells know each other only from impassioned manifestos and claims of victory. They are not interested in winning over the masses. It is not about ‘saving’ anything. It’s main purpose is the destruction of those that enslave us. And all the right people are afraid of them.

When I first reported on the FAI for Disinfo it was never really clear how one signed up, how it all worked. The great folks over at Insurrection News, which is a clearing house of sorts for information on FAI attacks, pointed me over to some documents. I did my research and the result became what I’d consider the first clear and simple guide to the FAI’s ideas and how to join in on the fun. It got wildly popular and if it helps anybody start a cell I can die with a smile on my face.

The ‘informal’ part of the name comes from it’s organizational strategy, as well as it’s politics. Folks of the Insurrectionist stripe consider cadres, parties and other ‘movements’ as just replications of the thing they’re trying to destroy. You end up waiting, the organization begins to feed and demand obedience. Have you ever read anything and thought to yourself ‘how should I as a marxist/democrat/republican/anarchist feel about this?’ Notice you, the real you, is not the important factor. It’s the identity you’ve gained or be given. You’ve traded one master for another

The FAI is a weapon, a symbol. It’s a modern day Jolly Roger, a black flag anyone and everyone can haul up the mast when they want to act. It’s something anyone can sail under, provided they understand the motivation behind the cells and are committed to action, not mere words. In fact you are only ‘part’ of the FAI when you are committing an action. It’s genius, a revolutionary organization the pissed and willing can slip in an out of. Because of it’s cellular network if somebody gets pinched it doesn’t matter to rest. There are no informants to plant, no snitches to squeal. It’s a tactic thats worked great for ELF and ALF

For those whose hearts long for fire in the moonlight, who are tired of endless debate and mindless posturing, the FAI waits.”

8. What have you learned from the occult that most changed your life?

“Ha, besides having years of in your face evidence that there is in fact survival beyond death? That’s something. Faith has absolutely nothing to do with it. I’ve trafficked in the Dead since day one, I can speak to my deceased Ancestors at anytime. How about that there are indeed fates WORSE than death? The occult opened my eyes to the an entire other side of existence. You realize that the bulk of humanity is walking around with it’s eyes closed, ignorant to the creatures and influences slowly swirling around them. I have seen things you wouldn’t believe, had conversations with beings older than the countries and institutions we deem perennial.

I have met what you might call the Devil.

The occult is a wild ride. When you’re in the middle of that spell, and the candles are burning, and your eyes are rolling in the back of your head and you can feel this THING slip right up your spine, and your muscles are tightening and it CRAWLS out of your mouth and into a bag to bring a client luck… that that bag feels HOT in your hands now and your eyes are flooded with lights and sounds…I mean it’s crazy. Life is crazy. There are things out there.

You realize that human existence is even stranger then anything Lovecraft could come up with, that we are vast multi-dimensional beings capable of warping time and space with but a glance. And what do we do with it? How do we live? We shove our lives inbetween two shitty jobs just so we can afford our run-down apartments. We say yes sir, no m’am, and shuffle from air-conditioned wasteland to air-conditioned wasteland. Not even for our own benefit.

The occult made me realize that human beings were not built to be slaves and that the power to change that was all around us. That and you could potentially kill someone with a hair from their head.”

9. Tell us more about The Conjure House and Gods and Radicals

Gods and Radicals is a published journal and website devoted to Pagan Anti-Capitalism, originally founded by Rhyd Wildermuth and Alley Valkyrie. It’s the only place of it’s kind where the spiritually minded and the gods they work with are free to rebel against an economic system that strip mines and destroys all they hold holy. It’s something I’m very proud to be apart of and an outfit really breaking new ground. Witches taking a stand against white supremacists, Heathens rebelling against heteronormality, and above all Magic folk using their abilities in the name of liberation. Not since the Soviet psi-labs has the spirit world been summoned to do battle with the fatcats of capitalism.

It’s already made a mark, rustled all the right jimmies, and will maybe wind up being the magical wing of the Revolution. Lord knows it’ll need one.

The Conjure House, for now, is my own little corner of the internet. My contact info for those interested in hiring me is there, and I have a special reading package for rebels and criminals. My writings are there, things for pioneers and accomplices attached to no party, non-conformists standing outside herd morality and conventional “good” and “evil,” folks that join in the cause of class struggle not as a demagogues, but as a inciting elements; not as apostles, but as a living, effective, destructive forces.  

Eventually I’d like to see The Conjure House become a place similar to G&R but of an even more radical bent, hardcore militancy with a journalistic flair. Eventually it’ll be a juke joint for fire-worshiping rioters wanting to tell the world of their exploits; a lurid den of gonzo reporters telling the truth in all it’s lurid, malicious details as they work black magic to wage war against the unjust. There are souls bent over voodoo dolls as we speak muttering curses against their employers. There are individuals tired of taking shit, tired of being lied to, and want to let the world know. Those are my people and I’m looking to find them. Now they know where to find me.

That and of course inspire a grand insurrection of witches, wizards, and rootworkers against the all that limits them. Working on a book about just that. Keep an eye on me and expect great things.

10. Any final shout outs?

Max_stirnerFirst of course I have to thank my wife. And I mean REALLY thank her. I don’t know many people willing to put up with the kind of life a writer leads, even less when they’re ducking off to crossroads or graveyards to put hexes on people and reunite lovers. She has seen it all, put up with it all, and I’d be living in a tent somewhere if it wasn’t for her

I have to thank Rhyd of course for seeing the promise in some young kid running on fumes of rage and Southern Conjure. Nobody heard of me, nobody knew who I was. He gave me a chance, picked me up, and really taught me what it was to be a writer nowadays, how to navigate the fields of shit so many people get caught up in.

The boys down at Free Radical Media, Eric and Pat for first putting me on the airwaves. Joe at Disinfo for letting what was one article blossom into something fantastic. He’s an awesome guy, interested in ideas, and let my scheming mind run wild.

All my clients of course and everybody who enjoys my writing. You Hyenas keep me going, especially you old-timers on the facebook page. Magically I thank Brother Bat. my Ancestors, Billiken, and of course the Crossroads Man.

And of course the Stimulator, because I fell the fuck over when I saw he didn’t just read my shit but honest to god fucking liked it. It’s like having Guy Fawkes tell you to keep up the good work.

Anybody I left out, forgive me.

I’m an asshole like that.