Florida is Building a Pipeline That Could Explode and Kill Thousands

Florida (The Conjure House)Florida will soon be home to a 515-mile interstate natural gas pipeline that will bring “affordable, clean natural gas supplies to Florida.” Of course, this is immediately suspicious because there is nothing “clean” about natural gas.

“Problematically, natural gas is prone to leaking from pipelines, wellheads, and the nooks and crannies of processing and storage facilities. ‘Accounting for methane leakage throughout the supply chain of natural gas, natural gas might actually be worse for the climate than coal,’ said Lena Moffitt, director of the Sierra Club’s Stop Dirty Fuels Campaign, at a panel on energy hosted by Politico. 

As NOVA Next reported, it’s conceivable that leaked methane from the U.S. oil and gas sector is warming the atmosphere as much as America’s 557 coal-fired power plants.”

The company building this “clean” pipeline, Spectra, has been sold to Enbridge (the same company building the North Dakota pipeline) for $28 Billion dollars, the same firm famous for dumping 1,100,000 gallons of heavy crude in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River.

Even without the worry of pollution there is a possibility of the pipeline exploding at any minute.

“A natural gas pipeline explosion in Westmoreland County Friday morning sent an injured man to the hospital, damaged two homes, charred trees and melted a road, with the intense blaze that followed triggering waves of sound, heat and panic through the surrounding area.”



“The Beast” as it has come to be known would haul freshly fracked gas across State lines and over 630 bodies of water in Florida alone. One of them, the Green Swamp, was one of the largest areas for clean drinking water in the State. The people of Georgia have voted against the project, but through a legal injunction, the company has continued construction anyway.

Question: did we need the natural gas? Was Florida in some kind of energy crises?

The answer? No.

“Since 2013 Florida Power & Light Co. has built new combined-cycle gas-fired power plants at Cape Canaveral, Riviera Beach and Port Everglades at roughly $1 billion apiece,  and a similar plant in Okeechobee is slated to go into service in 2019.

The company won’t need another major new power plant until 2024, and that will also be a combined-cycle plant that uses natural gas to produce power,   FPL’s Steven Sim, senior manager of resource assessment & planning, told regulators.”

Followup: if Floridians didn’t need the natural gas, what purpose would this horrible, invasive pipeline serve?

It would increase profits for a tiny few looking to make a quick buck.

“The U.S. DoE official in charge of natural gas testified to FERC’s oversight committee that fracking provides ‘unprecedented opportunities’ for profit through LNG export. She, like FERC, says the opportunities are ‘for the United States”, and they’re both wrong. Pipelines to LNG export that would raise domestic natural gas prices and take local land and pollute local air and water is not for the U.S..they’re for profit by a few fossil fuel companies and utilities….

New pipelines have nothing to do with domestic need, by Florida or anywhere else in the U.S. They’re about finding lucrative markets for fracked methane (euphemism: “shale gas revolution”).”

Image Source: PIxabay.com

Image Source: PIxabay.com

Our waterways will be poisoned, thousands of acres cleared, and vast amounts of wildlife killed or made homeless all for a tidy profit.

Yet it will still be worse. This Sable Trail Pipeline was something connected to a much larger, much more national indecency.

None of these pipelines just end at the ocean. They would need something to carry the highly flammable, damn near-bomblike liquid natural gas and for now it’d been the duty of the nation’s publicly funded railways. Problem was many citizens weren’t too happy about this and the courts had forced the U.S. Department of Transportation to issue an emergency order: railroads carrying more than 1 million gallons of Bakken crude, or about 35 tank cars, were required to begin notifying state emergency-response commissions where and how often such shipments moved so that communities could prepare better in case of accidents.

The gas and oil companies were having none of it, and sued to keep such information quiet. After all, why let human lives get in the way when there’s money to be made?
Still, the jig was up and they knew it. A new plan would be needed. In what must of been the result of some diabolical pact between corporate interests and the lieges of Hell somebody had an idea: what if a private company built it’s own rail-line, one that they’d keep out of federal reach? Sure, that’d do the trick, allowing the companies to label all safety information as “trade secrets” and keep the law off their back! The only problem that remained was that private or not nobody wanted a big train filled with liquid death running through their town.

So they decided to disguise them as passenger trains.

“Whisking passengers from Orlando to Miami and back again, all on high speed rail. You’ve heard of All Aboard Florida and it’s plans for rail service. What you haven’t heard is that the parent company, Florida East Coast Railway has other plans for those tracks, namely highly explosive liquefied natural gas….the same rail All Aboard Florida plans on using for it’s highspeed commuter service, rail that cuts right through highly populated cities and counties…

Martin County’s Fire Marshal issued this report showing a possible blast radius impacting 1200 residents.“

Floridians have been lied to, told the rails would provide “green transportation” when in reality it will be the final step in a massive act of ecological devastation. Nothing quite says “profits over people” like jamming passengers on the same rail-line with material so volatile it could potentially wipe out entire towns in the blink of an eye. Visions of small schools scorched by rampaging infernos and human corpses being reduced to ash are not an imaginative enterprise but an eventual probability, all worth the risk as long as some asshole made a few bucks.



Make no mistake: if this pipeline rolls through Florida, or any place for that matter, people will die and wilderness will be turned into wasteland.

This report prepared by Dr. Bones for The Conjure House