The time for reform is over

(TFC) – We are in a time of crisis. And all efforts taken by the establishment to remedy this crisis only perpetuate the interests of the corporations and banks that have privatized, commoditized and poisoned our ecosystems, and they are continually trying to do the same to our minds.

They put solar panels (built via displacement of indigenous people’s, and mountain top removal) on deforestation equipment and call it “green”. As crisis continues and these new energies are destroyed by natural disaster, we will have to continue these processes with lesser ability to replenish our environment.

This is a pivotal moment in history. We do not have the luxury of hearing out these politicians and waiting to see our efforts co-opted by and our demands conflated into their profits. Our energy must be pushed toward sustainability and community building. But programs like TPP will abstract us further from our labor, alienate us further from our coworkers and make workplace democracy more difficult, and continue unsustainable transportation for goods. We have to stop this infinite growth cycle.

When we waste more food than the rest of the world can eat, when we throw away half the food we produce, when companies continually hire international slave labor to build things built to end up in land fills quicker, so we can make our abstracted paycheck feel like it matters, we have to realize change must come now and from the people doing this work because it won’t come from the people who profit from this.

john caricoThe hardship of working with your local communities now to become free from dominative work models set to build unsustainable products and collapse ecosystems, will be less difficult and prepare us far better than simply continuing as is waiting for the inevitable.

The time for reform is over. The co-opting of our social movements can no longer be allowed, we must not make demands of the state, but rather take the power back where it already is. Those with a little more now help those with less. We have to build new communities in the shells of the old, through potlucks, food trades, community gardening, housing people, squatting, community defense and crisis mediation training, harm reduction centers, women’s safe spaces, all of which are being built right now by organizations near you.

The battle has been waging since Godwin, since civilization and colonization. We’re moving past it, we can feel it. We can’t look for our answers in this hierarchical systems, we don’t need that anymore. We can as individuals pursue our passions, resolve our conflicts, and the profit will be the collective good.

We need a mind change, and that comes not by asking but by doing. What do you love to do, and how can you do it for others in a way that maintains sustainable relations in your community, that distributed power to the most effected, and builds a better world we know is possible? It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you need help getting started there’s a lot of people who can put you in contact with a lot of networks, or maybe you’ll become that person. It all happens through practice.

We need to be creating our own solutions that involve local community.

We do not need to be asking the corporations and state officials for solutions, we need to be holding them accountable for the way their solutions have killed and oppressed people and they need to be asking us for mercy and not justice.